Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthday Party at the Amazing Pizza Machine

Some good friends of ours son turned 4 this week and had his birthday party at the Pizza Machine. I forgot my camera so all the pictures are from my camera phone. Not the best quality but its better than nothing!
TJ is FOUR!!! Where did that time go?

It was a blast for all! We all stuffed ourselves silly with pizza, salad, bread sticks, etc. The room we were in had a stage so the kids had fun putting on a show for us slow eating adults.

Then TJ got to open presents. I am not quite sure what the gift giving policy is. Any advice on this subject would be appreciated. When we are invited to a birthday party do we give one gift from the family or should each child give a gift? Not sure what the etiquette is there. I have done both and am still confused. This time Alex, Josh and Zach each chose their own gift to give to TJ. It was kind of fun to see what each of them thought TJ would like. Alex gave TJ a lego helicopter. Josh gave TJ a imprint thing-a-ma-bob. Zach gave TJ a dinosaur race car track thing.

I think my boys were just as excited to give TJ the presents as TJ was getting them.

After the eating, singing and present opening was finished, it was time for the games to begin!! We played air hockey...

Zach and Alex rode a frog hopper (which is a ride that goes up and down)....

Josh wanted nothing to do with this ride. In fact, this is how Josh felt about it....

The boys rode a train....

(Zach, Josh, & Alex)
We rode Go-Karts...The boys were too short and too young to drive them so I took Zach,

Nana took Josh...

And Alex rode with Matt. I know this is more of a picture of Deanna and Josh but you can see Matt's head behind them. It was the only picture I had of Matt and Alex. And Alex isn't even in the picture. Sorry about that.

We also went on this spinning around roller coaster type of thing. It wasn't too bad until we went backwards. Then it was pretty bumpy. Matt took Josh and Zach.

And I rode with Alex.

We had a great time! We were all pretty worn out after wards. Happy Birthday TJ!!


  1. What a great post! Thanks for the presents, and my policy for birthdays with my kids is always that your presense is your gift. TJ appreciated the other stuff though, even if he didn't act very polite about in the midst of tearing them open. He's a turd sometimes, but now that he is FOUR, what can I expect? We had a great time, and we're really glad you came!

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! Makes me want to go ride some go-karts.