Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Own Little Christmas Party!!

For the past 8 years (for the cool kids- 7 years for the uncool ones ha ha) a group of us have all gotten together for our own Christmas party. About 8 years ago, Matt was working at GC and they didn't do a company Christmas party. So the guys created their own. We have had so much fun that the tradition has just continued. And I am happy about that.

Every year we have gone to Kobe Steakhouse!! Its one of those places where they cook in front of you. It is fun to watch them throw eggs and shrimp around and start gigantic fires!

I often check to see if I still have any eyebrows left and wear a lot less hair spray than I did that first year! :) Also, I no longer wear lower V necks. The first year I caught a shrimp with my tatas. That was embarrassing. I wasn't quite sure what the polite way was to get a burning shrimp out of my bra- especially in front of a group I didn't know well at the time. Its fun though and the food is AWESOME!! I highly recommend it!

We order drinks to go with dinner. The men have always ordered sake bombers. This year they brought them a carafe of sake. Who knew you could do that? They had always gotten shots before.

We had a really great evening chatting and eating. Its always nice to get together with friends. After dinner we went to Ronnie and Amy's house to hang out for a little longer. It was so great to see everyone and catch up. The girls have decided we need to do this in the summer too.

The guys:

Matt, Chad, Sean, Ronnie

And the girls:

Amy, Jen, Missy, Katrina

When we asked Ronna and Larry to watch the boys while we went out to dinner, they said sure but how about they spend the night too. Matt and I were so excited!! That is the first time ALL THREE boys would spend the night somewhere (while Matt and I were in town too). Needless to say Matt and I did a happy dance...and the boys did a happy dance as they LOVE grandma and granddad! It was so great to wake up the next morning on our own time. I got to lay in bed and watch tv for a while. It was relaxing and great!! Later that day, we picked the boys up and things had gone well- except they were ALL tired. I guess the boys were up and ready to go at 4:30am! That isn't good at all!! Sorry again Ronna and Larry! On the way home, the boys were all very excited to tell us how things went and were talking a mile a minute. The next minute it got very quiet. I looked behind me and this is what I saw:

The boys slept for just over 12 hours last night- I think that is a new record!! I hope Ronna and Larry have recovered as well.


  1. Awesome, looks like a really great night out!

  2. Hahahaha, 4:30 in the morning! Aren't you glad they weren't at YOUR house, and that Ronna and Larry have a good sense of humor? ;-)

    We're at my parents' now. Annalie said last night just before bedtime, "Can we go over and play with Alex & Josh and Zach now?" I assured her we could go over and play one day soon, but that 8pm probably wasn't the best time.