Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rescheduled Christmas #1

With all the snow, came a lot of rescheduled events. Sunday was the first rescheduled event and man was it great!! We went over to Matt's parents for a really wonderful dinner! Ronna went ALL out. It was quite fancy!

Before dinner the boys got to open a few presents. The adults didn't exchange yet because we are waiting until we get together with Matt's brother and his family. The boys were very excited to get more presents!! However before the boys got involved with their presents and new things inside, I made everyone take family pictures. Aren't I mean to delay present opening?

Matt, Alex, Ronna, Josh, Larry, Katrina, Zach

Alex, Ronna, Josh, Larry, Zach
Once pictures were done, the boys got their gifts and were ready to open them.

They ripped them open in a blink of an eye....as most 5 year olds would do!

They were all very excited as to what they got. But before they played with the new toys, they started a wrapping paper fight. Thanks again Larry for teaching them this fun game. ;)

They really ganged up on Larry this year.

Josh even put a bow on top of Larry's head. It was a lot of fun. Messy fun....but fun.

Josh wanted to be a present too.

He thought he was pretty funny. :) Which he is.

The boys played with their new things while dinner was getting ready. Zach got these really cool markers that can change color. Josh got some new markers too that have two different colors on each marker. Both Josh and Zach colored for a while.

Alex got bat man stuff. It was great. He squealed with delight when he opened his gift! I love the sound of excitement when you give someone something that they have really wanted! :) Alex played with his batman stuff. Which he has been playing with ever since.

Josh also got this cool race track thing. He has really enjoyed playing with it.

Dinner was ready and we all gathered at the table. We had a really delicious meal of beef stroganoff. I hadn't had that in a really long time. I forgot how good it is!!

Like I said Ronna went all out this year. She even brought out wine glasses for the boys too. The boys thought that was really awesome. I think we "cheered" (clinked glasses) a gazillion times that night.

After our delicious meal, we of course had to have dessert. Peppermint ice cream with a sugar cookie on top. YUM! It completely hit the spot.

It was a really great night. We were happy to be out of our house for the first time in 3 days!! We were happy to be spending the evening with Ronna and Larry. The snow plows came by while we were there. So we all cheered as they drove by! Now Ronna and Larry were free as well. Their street was quite difficult to come down. We just made it. While we were there we saw a few people get stuck in the street. So we were all happy when we saw the snowplows drive by!! Dinner was delicious! Thanks again Ronna and Larry for a wonderful evening!!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful holiday! Great photos, too.