Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reverb #1

So I am nervous and excited to try out the Reverb project. Honestly this is way uncomfortable for me. I consider myself a private person- weird I know since I have a BLOG!! But my blog is about what's going on with my family. It's my way of scrap booking or documenting our lives. So to write about my private thoughts and then share them with strangers has me a tad panicky. That's weird right? :) But I also think you grow from doing things that aren't exactly here goes nothing!

Reverb is a group that the awesome Kassie has invited me to join. Everyday I/we get a prompt to write about. I may not get to it everyday but I am going to give it a good try! Today's prompt is:
December 1: Reverb Broads Prompt: "If the you of today could go back in time and give advice to any of the previous yous, which age would you visit and what would you tell them?" via Kristen at
Dear early 20s me,

These next few years are going to be rough.. You are going to struggle to find out who you are and who you want to be. But I promise- it's going to be ok. Stop worrying so much about everything. It all works out in the end. It will be ok! I promise.

College isn't going to be that great. You have these grandiose ideas as to what its going to be like. High school was awesome! You had great friends. A boyfriend. You were leaving the nest!! WOOT!! But then things don't go quite as you thought. You are going to feel like a fish out of water. Like you don't belong in this small town. It isn't fun to feel like your entire world has fallen apart. Friendships and relationships fall apart. But know that is ok. That is all part of growing up. But the best part is you get to rebuild it....and you do an awesome job of it!

Flirt more. Don't be such a rule follower. Take more risks. Don't be so scared to try something new. Don't be so scared of what people think of you. (hmmm....maybe I should change this letter to Dear me of today!)

Oh and travel more. Someday you are going to have triplets and traveling will become almost non-exsistant. But don't travel to Russia. I repeat- DO NOT go to Russia! That really doesn't turn out well for you at all! Go study someplace else. Anywhere else. Just don't go to Russia again. It makes you a nervous traveler for years to come.

Lastly, be who you want to be and not who you think people want you to be. Try and shake off that feeling guilty feeling. It really doesn't do anyone any good.

Just know that when you get to be about 24 life starts to take a turn for the better and it just keeps getting better and better! You are very lucky that way!!



  1. Whoo Hoo - Looking forward to PG's thoughts this December! Your post cracked me up too, I'm like, "huh, I remember talking to that 20's Katrina!" The Russia part was awesome too. Boo for bad least you got a good story out of it though.

  2. Love that you are joining us. I think you'll be glad you did. I hope, or I'll buy you a drink next time I see you!

  3. Loved this! Especially the part about "grandiose ideas" - I think I could have written that to myself, too. And I love that you can reassure yourself that "it gets better and better." Glad you're joining us!