Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Great Weekend!

After Thanksgiving there always seems to be certain traditions that we do- like putting up our Christmas tree!

This year we decided to do a real tree. It is our very first real one since Matt and I have been together. We took the boys out to look for the "perfect" tree.

And we found one! So we loaded it up and took it home....

...and set it up. It's big and beautiful and smells fantastic...or gross depending on which Venn you ask.

We didn't fully decorate the tree because we wanted to get the lights up outside. And with it getting dark so early time was ticking away.

But we got it done. I LOVE Christmas lights. They are so beautiful!

The next morning we finished decorating the tree.

The boys thought it was cool to climb the wrong side of the stairs to reach the top of the tree. So we have a highly decorated area on our tree. But that's ok. It makes me smile!

Later that day we went to see The Muppets with some friends. Loved it! The boys liked it. And Matt was a good sport for going along. :) I loved the muppets as a kid so I was thrilled to see them again!

Sunday we went out to do some errands and to our surprise Santa was at one of the stores we went to!

In fact, Mulhulls had a whole family Christmas party going on. Complete with games, craft stations, and live reindeer!

And if that wasn't awesome enough- it was all free! Lots of fun!

After that we took the boys to the Pizza Machine for a family fun day- Alex was begging for one that morning. Who can say no to a family fun day? Not me!

Tomorrow it's back to normal. Kids go to school. Matt goes to work. And I am going to go to the gym! WAY too much eating this weekend! All in all- I would say this was a really great weekend!

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