Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today was an awesome day! Lots of food and family! And the weather couldn't have been more lovely! My cousin Genna and her husband Jon hosted this year and it was fantastic!

We started the day by watching for the cats. (They were outside as lots of kids/people and cats may not be a good thing when cats aren't used to kids)

The boys had lots of fun feeding Sarah.

And playing with her too, of course.

The boys helped cook a little.

We played outside with the husky dogs.

We ate too much!

Made rice crispy turkeys.

And probably ate more of the candy than was necessary. :)

We stared at the cats through the door again.

We decided we needed to work off some of the feast we just consumed so we played Dance Revolution.

It was fun!

Later we found the wishbone in the turkey and my aunt carefully explained to the boys what it means and what to do.

They thought hard what to wish for...

Pulled...and would you believe it split evenly in half!?!?

Which means everyone gets their wish! Imagine the excitement!

It was a great day indeed!! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. That sounds like a really excellent day. And somehow we totally forgot about the wishbone.