Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Would NEVER...

Today's prompt is: List 10 things you would never do - by ME! I came up with this prompt. :)

1. I would NEVER kill anyone. I am a nice and non-violent person. I would never kill anyone. Wait....now that I think about it I actually might. If it was self defense or something like that. I suppose it would be possible. Or if a pedophile was attacking my kids. I could totally see my mama bear claws coming out. But for the most part I would never kill anyone.

2. I would NEVER jump out of a plane. This seems to be on a lot of my friends bucket lists...but I am scared of heights. And that just doesn't sound like fun at all. Plus, I don't really like flying in a plane in the first place. Yeah. No fun. Not going to happen. Wait....now that I think about it....I would jump out of a plane if it was crashing.

3. I would NEVER cut off a part of my body. I don't like pain. And as much as I complain about certain parts of my body, I happen to love my body enough that I don't want to cut a part off of it. Wait...I suppose if I were ever in a situation like Aron Ralston where I would have to cut off my arm to survive- then MAYBE I might. But then again I don't really see myself hiking alone in a canyon.

4. I would never steal. Stealing isn't a nice thing to do and I am a nice person. Plus, I am fortunate enough that if I REALLY wanted something I can save up for it and buy it. Wait...I supposed if I lost everything and my kids were naked and hungry I would steal some food and clothes for them. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Right?

Wow...I am going into some really dark places with this prompt! Pedophiles who kill my kids, planes crashing, being trapped in a canyon, being so desperate that I have to steal, who came up with this crazy prompt!?!? Oh, wait that was me....hee hee

5. I would NEVER drink blood. That is gross! As much as I loved Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, I am not a vampire! Ick! Blood drinking is not for me! Man, think about all the germs in blood! Ugh!!

6. I would NEVER eat puke. Throwing up is so gross. I can't handle it. Even when I see someone puking on TV I start to gag myself. My husband finds that hilarious! There is not one horrible life or death scenario that I can think of that I would eat puke.

7. I would NEVER be an actress. As much as I LOVE TV and movies- I just can't act. I am horrible at it.

8. I would NEVER run for any sort of political office. SO NOT ME!!

9. I would NEVER do illegal drugs. I don't really see the point in them. I've never smoked pot because I knew it gave you the munchies and I figured I was already fat so why do that to yourself? Plus me being the rule follower that I am- yeah, it's just not me. I suppose if I got cancer or something I would smoke the wacky terbacky...but then that would be for medicinal purposes and not really for recreation right?

And lastly number 10. I would NEVER say never....OBVIOUSLY! Shesh! :) I think I found a loop hole is almost every one of my never list!! :)


  1. "Wow...I am going into some really dark places with this prompt!" -crack me up. Awesome.

  2. Ditto Joe! And the fact that we had the same #10 made me laugh too. :-)

  3. Egads. I just gagged a little reading number 6. And again when I had to go back and see which number the eating puke one was. I'd like to add that to my list. And now my tummy hurts.

  4. "But for the most part I could never kill anyone."
    Me too. Unless I was having a really, really bad day.

  5. Bahahaha! Did we write the same post? Seriously - I think I went the same place with you on several of these - and we have the SAME number 10. B/c frankly, every time I thought of a never, I thought of a maybe situation (that, like you, was some really dark, twisted situation).

  6. Um, okay, freaky - we were also just commenting on each other's posts at the same time! Maybe we should hang out :-).