Monday, December 26, 2011

Double- No Triple-Duty

I am participating in both 7 Days and a Reverb Broads daily blogging. They overlapped and I didn't want to both at the same time. That was overwhelming to me. But Christmas Day they kind of overlapped so this is a double blog! Wait! I am going to change it to a TRIPLE blog because I wanted to blog about our Christmas anyway. Plus things in threes are really the best! ;)Here is my 7 days: Day 5 shot. The theme was vanilla and that was a hard one. So it was overlooked a little. The ebleskiver looks vanillaish right?

This is our traditional Christmas breakfast. So yummy!The reverb broads prompt was a wordless Christmas. We were to post a picture that represents your day. Here's the picture that represented our Christmas day:

For me, it's all about my kids! This year the excitement was like no other! Alex was up at 5am. He came into our room and just stood at the edge of our bed and stared at us. That is a REALLY creepy way to wake up! Matt had the boys go sort presents so we could sleep a tad longer. And then at about 6:30 Alex told us "Mom, Dad, the presents are all sorted. You have 4 minutes to get down here!". It was hilarious! We quickly went downstairs! We didn't want to miss anything! The boys ripped through their gifts. They were very excited about them all! Then we played with them rest of the day. We also lazed around and watched movies, and ate and ate and ate. I love these types of days! I also want to note that the weather was sunny and warm! So odd but at the same time so great! We had our windows open part of the day! It was fantastic! Merry Christmas!!- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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