Friday, December 9, 2011

My Favorite Kids Book

Today's prompt is:

What was your favorite children's book? by Niki

I LOVE LOVE LOVE children's books. Which is probably why I became an elementary school teacher with my masters in reading. :) But that is besides the point. I could list lots of children's books that I love. But I have to say my most favorite children's book when I was a kid was/is:

I LOVED this book!! I would make my mom read it over and over and over and over!! And then over some more. Sometimes I would even make her read it backwards to me. Why I am not probably had something to do with delaying my bedtime.

Anyway...I loved this book because I was obsessed with Sesame Street. It was my favorite TV show for years. And if I am honest- I still love that show. I was always a little sad that when I had kids they didn't have the same love for it as I did. Oh well. I also love this book because the voice in it is FANTASTIC!! You can't help but yell when reading certain pages!

The whole book is about not turning pages because there is a monster at the end of the book. And of course you don't want to get to the end because monsters are scary. So Grover does all these crazy things to keep you from turning pages.

It's a great kids book!! SO MUCH FUN to read!! And what makes me love it even more is that my boys love this book too!! I would say it is one of their favorites!! There is even an ap for the ipad that will read this story to you. I would highly recommend checking out this awesome kids book!!


  1. AH! I completely forgot about this book! I loved it too! One of my absolute favorites! Thank you for bringing this memory back to me! :)

  2. I definitely yelled "You turned the paaaaaaaaaage!" in my head when I saw that screenshot! What a fun book!

  3. Wow...AWESOME. Hate to sound, um, exactly like Emily here but I had completely forgotten that book existed! I saw the cover and kind of went, hmmm I kind of remember that, and then it got to the "You turned the PAGE!" and I could completely hear my mom's voice saying that in a kind of "Grover" voice and laughing along w/whoever she was reading it to who totally knew it was coming! I'm sure I could be remembering her reading it to one of my brothers but what a sweet memory I had completely forgotten! Thanks PG.

  4. See, this is one of the GREAT things about having kids: you get to relive your own favorite childhood things with them! This has been on our bookshelf since Annalie was born--well, actually, it's been there since several years before she was born because my original copy (from when I was a preschooler) got torn when our friends' kids were reading it. I think we own about four copies now, in board book and classic varieties.

    My favorite pages were always "Do you know that you are very strong?" and "Oh, I am so EMBARRASSED..."

    Also, our childhood dog, which was a girl dog, was named Grover because my brother and I loved Grover so much. :-)

  5. According to my mom, this was my favorite. It was the "You Turned the page" imaged that really got me going though. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Now I feel we must go buy this book. Because I honestly don't remember it at all and I'm wondering how I missed it?