Saturday, June 26, 2010

And the Sports Have Begun

Matt and I decided long ago that we weren't going to sign the boys up for activities until they started to ask to do them. We have various reasons for this decision- partly cost, but mostly time. It's a big commitment one makes when one signs your kids up for stuff. And if that said kid isn't interested anyway- it just seems silly. Time is a precious thing. With that being said- they have been in swimming since they were very little. That is a skill we feel is important to know. Anyway, this year the boys started to ask to do stuff. A couple of weeks ago they went to a tennis camp in Elkhorn.

It was great! At first, Alex fought me the most on it. He didn't want anything to do with tennis. But I knew that if I signed up Josh and Zach and not Alex then I would spend the next week and a half listening to Alex whine that he wanted to play. So I went with my gut feeling and "forced" Alex to try it out. And he LOVED it!! All three of them did!! They had a blast!

Zach (orange shirt) Alex (blue shirt) Sam (red shirt)
The head coach from Elkhorn HS and an assistant coach taught them, along with help form the Elkhorn HS tennis team. It was great.

Josh and Zach
They played games while working on skills! I may be biased, but I think all three of them are pretty good. I am excited to take them out and play with them!! If it every stops raining that is!

Ben, Sam, Alex
What I loved most about it (besides the awesome coaches and teachings) was that we did it with a couple of friends. While our kids played tennis I got to chat with 2 great friends (Amy and Missy) for a whole hour for 7 sessions straight!! How often do I get to do that?!? Not very! Plus the boys had fun seeing their friends Sam and Ben, too.

Ben, Zach, Josh, Sam, and Alex
On a side note-Did you notice that both Josh and Zach are wearing orange?!? That week and a half they decided to dress the same/similar every day. They said they wanted to confuse me! Sigh. And so this begins. :)

They loved tennis camp. What's cool is that they practice in our front yard now. Hmmm, maybe that isn't so cool. But as of yet no windows have been broken. *knock on wood* We have lost some balls down the sewer. But they are having fun and that is what matters! Right?

After tennis camp we moved onto golf. I blogged about that here. After golf, we will move onto swimming lessons again. Its the summer of sports! That's ok. Its been fun. Now they are asking to play baseball and soccer. So I guess that will be what's next for us. Good bye "free" time- Hello to my new job of chauffeur! Now, tennis anyone?

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  1. wHOO hOOO! That's so awesome that you have them playing tennis. We totally need to do that - along w/ the rollerskating sometime....