Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Storm

Tuesday evening another storm came through the Omaha area. For us, this one wasn't to bad. The worst thing that happened was that our for sale sign blew over. Not a big deal at all. We didn't even get hail. The weather is so weird and strange to me. My aunt and uncle live about 10 minutes north of us (Bennington) and they had horrible damage. And then the areas about 10 minutes south of us had hail, strong winds, heavy rain and flooding. It was like all around us was bad but we were ok. I just find that strange.

Anyway, originally we had planned on going out to my aunt and uncle's farm Wednesday morning. I was going to drop off the boys and do a couple of errands. However after this happened.....
...our plans changed. Instead, we came out to be looky-lous and then stayed to help pick up sticks.

Luckily, my aunt and uncle are fine and their house is fine. However, other buildings on their farm are not. I think I will just let the pictures to do the "talking."

This picture is the most impressive to me.

Its not a super great picture by any means. It more that the middle of the tree is standing and the rest of the tree is on the ground. How does that happen? And how does a tree get uprooted by wind?!?! Not a tornado- wind.

While we were out there, the boys got to run and explore. Recently they had just planted corn in their field. So the boys were a little confused that they couldn't run out there anymore. My aunt took them out there to show them and Zach found a corn cob with corn still on it and wanted to plant it. He did that for quite a while. He was very careful to fill in the empty spots of the row of corn. In fact later he told me that was his favorite part of the day. Looks like I may have a farmer on my hands.

When it got to be about lunchtime my uncle Harry suggested that we start a fire and cook some hot dogs. I think they are going to be having a LOT of bonfires this summer!! :) Not only did the boys get to help start the fire, but they got to cook their own hot dogs! How cool is that to a 5 year old? Really- we all thought this was great fun!! And delicious too!!! Its my favorite way to cook a hot dog- and I rarely get to do that, as an open flame in the city is not recommended. :)
As a reward for picking up sticks, Harry gave them a tractor/lawn mower ride. Josh and Zach were in heaven.

Alex decided that it was too loud and had NO INTEREST in going. He chose this tractor ride instead.

I am sad that this had to happen to my aunt and uncle. Its sad to see so many trees down! But I am so thankful that they are ok!! It could have been so much worse!


  1. Wow! What a storm! I hope that the continued recovery goes smoothly... Take care, Rachel

  2. Thanks for all the pictures. I hadn't made it out to see the extent of damage yet. Amazing!

  3. I'm so sorry about all the tree damage. The trees are such an asset to any home!! And the work to clean things up is overwhelming. I'll call MC tonight and find out more...
    Aunt Rosie