Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 2 of Seven Days

Today has a theme of hot. I had a few possibilities for hot. We went out to Woodcliff Lake and I thought a nice hot beach shot would be good. Also, we hosted a Father's Day BBQ that evening and I thought a grill shot would be good as well. Unfortunately, neither of those ideas worked as it has been cool and thunder-storming ALL DAY! So instead I stopped at Starbucks for a nice HOT chi tea latte and took this shot:

Today is also Father's Day and its been a nice day. Bill and Linda took the boys overnight and so we got to sleep in a little bit and laze around this morning before heading out to the lake to pick up the boys. Linda fed us a late breakfast of Swedish pancakes. YUM!!

Ronna and Larry came over that night for a BBQ. Which we were able to squeeze in. It stopped raining long enough to cook the chicken kabobs and for me to bury the guy in our yard.

The guy being St. Joseph. We followed the directions on the box very carefully- burying him upside down and by the for sale sign all the while chanting a prayer. Here I am chanting my prayer with Josh and burying St. Joseph.

I think its hilarious that the boys are saying we buried a guy in our yard. And now Alex is saying that we buried Indiana Jones. I sure hope that doesn't anger St. Joseph!!

When we finished a flash of lightening went across the sky. I am going to take that as a sign that St. Joseph heard my request and will get right on it. :) Er something....


  1. LMAO I love your blog! :-)

  2. Please let St. Joseph work, please let St. Joseph work. Work St. Joseph! Work!