Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Matt Alex Josh Zach
Sunday we took the boys to their very first baseball game. It was so much fun! I am wondering why we didn't do it before. And really we all know why. Taking toddlerish triplets into a crowd and then make them sit to watch anything- NO THANK YOU!! Now that they are older, its the perfect age to start doing things like this!

This is also the last year that Rosenblatt stadium is going to be by the zoo. So I wanted to see at least one more game before they tore it all down. We got AWESOME seats. I haven't been to many baseball games. But when I have gone I am WAY UP in the stands.

Our seats were third row right by third base! Very cool.....until we realized that on a hot and sunny day....maybe not so much.

Then again...with seats this close we got to meet a mascot. Josh wanted NOTHING to do with him.

Alex Zach
We lasted one inning before the whining started. And yes the whining included Matt and I. It was hot! So we left to get something to drink and get some snacks. And then dilly dallied a little bit.

Zach Josh Alex
It was family fun day that day. So there were lots of fun things to do!! The boys got to play games for prizes.

There was a clown that painted on your face/arm/where ever. Alex got a snake going up his arm.

Zach chose a baseball on his arm.

And Josh wanted NOTHING to do with the clown or his painting. He was all about the cotton candy.

After we cooled down and dilly dallied some we were ready to go back and watch the game. But this time we decided to move seats. There were a bunch of seats that were in the shade and the game was next to empty so we figured that no one would mind. And we were right.

Katrina Josh Alex Zach
Now that we were in the shade SO MUCH BETTER!! There was a nice breeze and it was actually quite comfortable.

We sat and enjoyed the game. The game went into overtime. Is that the right word? Not sure on my sports vocab. We stayed an extra two innings and the boys looked like this:

We had been there for 4 hours by this time. So it wasn't a surprise. We would have left earlier, but they kept announcing that since it was family fun day kids get to run the bases after the game. Josh and Zach REALLY wanted to do that. So we stayed. But then it came to the point where it would just be better to leave. So we did. Later that evening I looked up who had won and how many innings it went. Turns out that OKC scored 8 runs the next inning and Royals 0. Final score 10-2. Oh well.

Alex Josh Zach
We had such a good time that we would totally do this again!! And I can't wait until we do!!

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