Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer has Begun!!

So summer has officially begun. School is out! The weather is nice and sunny and warm-for the most part anyway. We have had a storm or two. But that has been in the evening or at night. Overall, I have to say its been a great start to the summer! So far its been almost perfect!! [It would be completely perfect if our house will sell. But don't worry I won't rant on and on about this post anyway. :)]

So far, I think the majority of my summer has been spent out in our driveway watching the boys ride their bikes. This has been their favorite thing to do this summer. And I don't mind one bit! They are having great fun! Much better than watching TV and playing video games. I love it too because I am able to read books while sitting in the sun! Alex is starting to become a little bit of a dare devil on his bike. He likes to stand up on the bar while whizzing down the street. He is very proud!!

We have also been doing sidewalk chalk. We meaning Zach mostly, Josh quite a bit and Alex NONE. :) Zach created a Spongebob scene of Gary the snail, Spongebob, Patrick and a fish. I think he is so creative!!

We've also had some family in town. Matt's aunt and uncle from Seattle were here and we had a BBQ here with them. It was really great to see them. We wish we could see them more often!

Josh discovered his love of black olives. I am not sure if he loved eating them more or playing with them.

We got out a kids table for the first time and that was AWESOME!! Matt and I decided we should do that more often- even when we don't have company! :) It was a really nice evening!

We have started to let the boys stay up a little later since its summer. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. I suppose when you run hard all day you eventually just drop. Now if we can just teach them that if they do stay up late, they should sleep in and not get up early!!

We have also gone swimming a couple of times. I blogged about going to the lake HERE. But we have also gone swimming at Prairie Life. Josh, Zach, and Alex are in the hot pool in the picture above. They want to do this after we are done swimming each time. Even when its almost 90 outside. Weird! Although I do see the appeal. Its a "deep" pool their size that is nice and warm.

Katie and Andi even went with us one time. That was fun! Isn't she the cutest?!?!? She had fun in the water and loved watching Josh. Its always more fun swimming with friends!

So far the summer is off to a great start!! Can't wait to see what else is in store for us!


  1. Nothing better than black olives eaten straight from the finger tips! We need to plan on when we are getting together next. I know we are going to be in Omaha for 4th of July.

  2. I wanna come sit in your driveway and read while the kids ride bikes! It's already way too humid and buggy here to do that.

    We might be in Omaha over the 4th too! We're still waiting to find out. I'll let you know when we do, and we will plan another painting trip, yes? :-)

  3. Looks like so much fun!! I can't get over how tall the boys look!! Your blog totally gives me hope my life will settle enough wear I can read a book again. LOL

  4. LOL I mean where not wear!! See my brain doesn't even function correctly!! LOL