Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Josh and Zach's Big Accomplishment!

Josh is on the left and Zach is on the right.

One thing that completely amazes me is how strong of a bond Josh and Zach have. I remember being pregnant and worried that someone is going to feel left out. With a group of three someone is always the odd man out. Right? And honestly I thought that someone would probably be Alex because Josh and Zach are identical. Knowing what I know now-I didn't need to worry about that AT ALL!!! Alex strives to be different and on his own. He will wait to see what Josh and Zach do and then choose something different. Yet at the same time is completely included when he wants to be. Its a very interesting dynamic. One that fascinates me!! Its awesome!!

Josh and Zach have this incredible bond that has been there since they were born. Its like they wait for each other to do something. When they were babies when one of them rolled over they wouldn't do it again until the other one did. Then they both rolled around like crazy. Same thing happened when they learned to crawl, go up stairs, walk, etc. The list is endless. So this should be no surprise that when Josh decided that his training wheels needed to come off, Zach followed suit.

Josh was the first one to want the training wheels off.

He did exactly what Alex had done. Practiced going down the grassy hill. He did that over and over till his confidence was there then off he went riding around the sidewalks and streets.

Here is a short video of him riding without training wheels:

Zach watched him for a little while and then decided that it was his turn to have the training wheels taken off his bike.

Matt and I both expected that he would go to the grass hill and do what Josh and Alex did. But he didn't. He just got on his bike and rode off down the driveway like he had done it millions of times before. It was crazy!

Here is a short video of Zach:

They are so proud of themselves. And we are proud of them!! Its so fun to watch them grow and learn new things!!

Zach has the red helmet and Josh has the dark green helmet.


  1. Congrats to them and I loved the blog. Made me tear up a bit. :-)

  2. Those little guys are growing so much.. Leaps and bounds..You and Matt are such great parents. Bobbie

  3. Hi Katrina!
    We made the same exersise with Ksenia, she is 5. I do really enjoy to read your blog, and wish I could get my. Egor