Sunday, June 20, 2010

7 Days is Back!!!

WOO HOO!! The 7 Days photo project is back. You may remember that I have done this a couple of times before. Like last winter and spring. Now there is a summer one and I am excited to participate again. I love peeking into others lives and taking a snapshot of myself in my life for one week. Its fun and creative. So I am looking forward to it! Hope you are too. If not- just skip the next 7 blogs. :)

Day 1 fell on Matt and I's eleventh anniversary! So it is only appropriate that he is included in my first shot.

This is a picture of Matt and I sitting out front watching the boys ride their bikes. This is something I do often and it was great to have Matt join me!! The weather wasn't too hot or humid (at this time) and it was relaxing. A nice way to spend part of the morning.

The rest of the day was nice too. Bill and Linda were nice enough to take the boys overnight so Matt and I could go out on the town and then sleep in the next day. HEAVEN!!! The boys were so excited! I think Alex packed and repacked his bag 100 times. They all asked "how much longer until Bill and Linda get here?" about a million times! :)

I think all the anticipation got to Josh, as he fell asleep looking out the window waiting for Bill and Linda. :) It cracked me up. The boys left for their fun filled evening and Matt and I left for ours too.

We were going to go eat downtown- but decided against it. The college world series is in town and that would have been too chaotic! So we ate out west at Blue. HEAVEN!! SO YUMMY!! Our waiter Justin was AMAZING!! He was so helpful and nice!

I even took a picture of my margarita. It was one of the best margaritas I have ever had. Maybe it was because I was out on a date with my husband and there wasn't a kid around. Or maybe because on a hot and humid day a nice cool margarita is refreshing. Or maybe it was really just a fantastic margarita. Who knows and who cares!!

After dinner we went to the old market to walk around. It was full of life. As we knew it would be. We walked around, did some people watching, and shopped in the fun stores. Perfect!! The excitement doesn't stop there people!! Lookie what I found!! Saint Joseph!! Now our house will sell right?

When I got all excited and showed Matt- he looked at me and said "You do know we aren't Catholic right?" Details! Details! Of course I know that. And I am not all that superstitious- a little maybe- but not over the top. I just think desperate times call for desperate measures! This dude is goin in the ground baby!!

We were going to get some ice cream and walk around but the sky started to get all dark so we decided that it was time to go. We got some ice cream on the way home instead. Good thing too! It started to lightening soon after we got home! It was cool to watch but I was glad that we were watching it from inside our house and not outside in the Old Market!! It was a really great evening!! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband!! Can't wait to see what the next 11 (and more) years bring!!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! LMAO at St. Joseph!

  2. Congrats, you guys! Your wedding was lovely! Here's to another wonderful 11+ years!