Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 4 of Seven Days

Today was one of those days that nothing happened like it was supposed to. Well, except boot camp. That was still at an ungodly hour and a hard work out. The entire time I am thinking WHY AM I HERE?!? Then when its over, I am feeling good about my workout. Anyway, shortly after I got home it started to POUR....again!! Today was a day that the boys were to go learn how to play golf, have a friend come over, and then meet different friends at the sprayground. It seems that everything in the middle got erased. No golf and no play date. So instead I took the boys out to do some errands that needed to be done. One of those being getting them haircuts. I have to admit this is not one of my favorite things to do alone. It is really hard to entertain two boys while trying to make sure the third one gets a decent haircut. Today must have been my lucky day! ALL THREE got to go at the SAME TIME!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!! I know this sounds ridiculous, but really it was awesome!! I had no one to entertain but myself. So I started snapping pictures and got my Day 4 shot:

That afternoon, the sun came out and the HEAT was turned up. HOT! HOT! HOT! So we were still able to meet our friends at the sprayground. YEA!! We met up with Jill and her two really cute little girls.

Anela is a couple years younger than my boys, but they still seemed to like to play together/around each other. Jill had a baby about six months ago, Teagan. And she is a doll! Very smiley and happy. Alex loved her and loved making her smile.

The kids had so much fun! And I had a great time hanging out with Jill and watching the kids.

I tried to get a shot with all the kids in it, but Anela wanted NOTHING to do with being in a picture. Every time I got my camera out she ran. :) Oh well, maybe next time.

After the sprayground I was overheated and tired so I thought grabbing Subway on the way home sounded like and EXCELLENT idea!! The boys thought it was super cool to go into a store in their swimsuits. I thought it was super cool that the subway guy gave me free cookies- he said I looked overheated and could use some cookies. I was overheated and could use cookies, so I guess he was right. We came home. Laid out our beach towels and had a picnic on the family room floor. It was awesome!! Sometimes messed-up, change of plans days are the best!!

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  1. Indoor picnics rock!

    Where, may I ask, is that sprayground? Maybe when we're there we can schedule a visit there with Annalie and the boys, instead of the zoo this time. Annalie LOVES spraygrounds!