Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zootime Fun with the Actuallys

Yesterday we went to the zoo, zoo, zoo. How about you, you, you. We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. Sorry...every time I start thinking about going to the zoo- that silly song starts going through my head. Must be a teaching hazard. When I taught we sang that song as we walked to and from the zoo. ANYWAY- yesterday we went to the zoo with our friends Bethany, Annalie and Debbie. It was a perfect afternoon for it. The weather was awesome, we both got rock star parking spots, and it wasn't crowded at all!!

We did all the normal and fun things you would typically do at the zoo-like climb on the lion statues.

We walked through the desert.

We saw the seals.

By the seals, there was a pay phone. I didn't know that they had those around still. The boys didn't know what it was. I explained what a payphone was and then they wanted to put money in it and call someone. What is it about putting quarters into something that is so much fun? We didn't do that. Alex pretended to call someone. I asked who he was calling and he said "Grandma and Granddad to let them know we are at the zoo!"

Of course, when my boys saw the train just sitting there they ran towards it.

They climbed on the train.

They climbed on the monkeys. Statues- not the real things.

This time of year it is peacock dating season. So the peacocks were everywhere dancing away and doing their thing.

It was pretty cool to see their feathers up and then shake their tails. Zach and Josh started to imitate the peacocks. It made me laugh.

It was pretty funny! The best part was when the kids were dancing along with the peacock and he started to squawk like they do and all four kids screamed and ran. I wish I would have gotten a picture of that.

We did a lot of walking, as one would do at the zoo.

Annalie wanted to check out the map to plan where we were going.

Alex seemed interested. Josh and Zach did not. They ran off.

At one point we went to feed the fish.

Bethany was smart enough to remember to bring a bunch of quarters to feed the fish. Brilliant I tell you!! I normally scrounge through my purse praying i have at least 3 quarters. Then cursing myself that I didn't have any quarters and then telling myself that the next time we come I MUST remember quarters! Bethany remembered. THANK GOD! The kids would line up and take turns to get fish food.

Bethany and I got to feed the fish too!

We stopped to pet the goats.

And by this time, we were all wearing down....and getting hungry. So we left the zoo and headed downtown to eat at Wheatfields. YUM!

We walked around downtown a little bit after dinner. Mostly because we had to park far away. We were pretty tired from the zoo. Any walking at this point was a have to. :)

It is always fun to get together with Bethany, Debbie and Annalie. We were glad that we were able to fit us into their busy schedule to go the zoo this time!

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  1. It looks like you guys had a great day! I love the picture of you and Bethany together and the last one with the kids in front of the signage. Very cool.