Sunday, April 25, 2010

Alex's Awesome Accomplishment

A couple of days ago Alex announced that he no longer wants training wheels on his bike. I was a little shocked by this because he hasn't been on his bike this season yet. Also, I am REALLY bad about letting them ride their bikes. They hang on the wall in our garage and are hard for me to get down. So most of the time, they just hang. I need a solution for that. Anyway, after Alex's big announcement, Matt and I decided that we should encourage this and took his bike down and training wheels off.

He started off going down the grass and falling over just before he got to the sidewalk.

Checking for cuts, grass stains, and blood along the way. No serious injuries to report. Just some bruises.

He just kept getting back on the bike. It was great!! I was/am so proud of him. And if you are an observant person, you may have noticed that his helmet is too small. Not to worry, Matt took all 3 boys out to get new helmets. This particular day, we just figured that a too small helmet is better than no helmet.

Ta da!! The new Spideman helmet. Couldn't find a Batman one so he settled for Spiderman. Day 2 he woke up asking to ride his bike. So out we- scratch that- out Matt went...I was doing other stuff which I will blog about later. Matt said he did awesome. When I got home Alex was so excited to show me how much he improved! It was cute. I was amazed by how much better he was in less than 24 hours.

Sometimes he still favored the grass. Who wouldn't?
But is ok with the sidewalk too. I am just so impressed with how quickly he picked it up!

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  1. That is awesome! Tell him Joe thinks that that's super cool.