Sunday, April 11, 2010

Enjoyable Evenings

Friday night the boys had a sleepover at Matt's parents house. It was wonderful for all. :) Last time they had a sleep over it didn't go so well. The boys played musical beds and then were up and ready to go by 4am. So everyone was grumpy by the time they got home/dropped off. This time things went much better. They gave the boys the choice of where to sleep. It ended up that Ronna slept with Josh and Zach. Larry slept in the guest room. And Alex slept on the floor with his head in the closet. Which is hilarious as that is how he sleeps here at home. His bed sticks out of the closet. We REALLY need to move before the poor kid gets a serious complex!! But we are working on that....did I mention that I am sick of cleaning? :) Anyway they did lots of fun things that grandparents and grand-kids do together. Like make pancakes for breakfast. Ronna told me that Zach thought they were so good that he looked at her and said "Grandma can I buy your pancake recipe?" So cute!

While the boys had fun with grandma and granddad, Matt and I decided to bring back date night. We used to do this every week when the boys were little and went to bed by 7pm. We would cook a fun meal, share a bottle of wine, and just spend some time together. Now the boys are older and go to bed later so we don't do that anymore. Plus we like eating together as a family. Since the boys were gone for the night we did date night again! We decided to grill some steaks...

eat some shrimp while said steaks were cooking....

and enjoy some wine.

Bon appetit!

mmmmmmm steak! No I didn't eat that whole thing. But I would have been proud if I would have. It was YUMMY!!

Yea for date night!! I think the thing that was most enjoyable is that we weren't on a schedule. We could take our time and didn't have to worry about whining kids who were hungry. AND I didn't have to get up to get anyone anything. It was WONDERFUL!! The next morning we slept in. YEA!! That day we got some errands ran and I got the rest of my homework done. YEA all I have to do now is show up to 2 more classes and I GRADUATE!!! WOOO HOOO!! The boys got back in time for us to all leave as we had a house showing.

Today we had ANOTHER house showing....did I mention that I am SO SICK OF CLEANING!! The weather was AWESOME today so we went to a park for a while then out for pizza.

Josh had a great time climbing to the top of this thing.

So did Alex.

Zach not so much.

Zach liked the tornado slide the most. That was always my favorite thing as a kid too. That was how I would rate the coolness of a was all about the tornado slide.

Anyway, hopefully something will come of all these house showings. We are getting antsy over here. And...(all togehter now)....I am so sick of cleaning!!

Oh one more funny the car on the way to the park out of the blue Alex says "Probably when I grow up I won't have any superpowers. BUT I probably can still become a superhero." -Just like Batman. :) Matt and I got a kick out of that.


  1. You need to set up the boys their own twitter account. Then you can twitter whatever funny thing one of them said, with their initial after it so you know who said it. :-)

    I hope you sell the house soon! I would sick of cleaning too.

    Oh, and I love the photo of you biting the steak, and the look on Matt's face. You guys are so nuts. In a good way, of course. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. The pictures of you both are awesome! Love the steak one!

  3. I agree with kassie lou--that picture of you with the steak in your mouth made me laugh out loud! :)-Rachel (Lyle) Hatch