Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fun with the Boys

This week the boy's are on spring break. I wanted to so some fun activities with them. I started to think (uh oh) and realized that his would be the LAST spring break we will have together. This fall they are starting kindergarten and I am thinking about going back to work (fingers crossed). So this was it. Its the last one we will have together. I got really sad. So i started to plan something fun for us to do each day they were off.

Well, after thinking about it a little more, and being really tired by Thursday due to packing in "all the fun", I have rethought my thoughts. Even though the boys are starting kindergarten this fall, they will still have a spring break every year. AND what is more- even if I do go back to work this fall, I will get a spring break too! So if everything works out, our spring breaks will be the same and we can still do fun things together. I am too extreme in my thinking sometimes. :)

Anyway- Monday I took them shopping. A little toy shopping and a little clothes shopping- sounds great right? Alex and I enjoyed it. Josh and Zach aren't shoppers. So it wasn't the hit I was hoping it would be. But it was still fun for a while.

Tuesday I took them to paint pottery.

It was...hmmmm....I don't quite know how to explain it. It was fun, but stressful. Creative, yet exhausting. Does that make sense? They have never done anything like this before. I personally find painting pottery very zen like. Yeah, there is NOTHING zen about painting with the boys. My expectations were WAY off. However, it was really fun. I think picking out the item to paint was the most stressful part. Too many choices. Then we had to pick out the colors. Again lots of choices, but this time they know the colors they like so it wasn't such a painful process. Plus they could choose as many as they wanted. Once we started painting- it was enjoyable.

Josh chose to paint a butterfly. Alex chose a cat. Zach chose a fish. They really seemed to enjoy painting each of their items. Of course they each had their own ideas and ways to do it.

Josh wanted his butterfly to be really colorful.

Alex wanted his purple. It looks blue in the picture but the paint changes after firing it. He then put red dots all over it. But he assured me the cat doesn't have chicken pox, he is just a normal red spotted cat.

Zach chose two different shades of red. Painted the tail fin orange. Then he lined and spotted his fish green.

Picture taken by Alex
When Alex was done he asked if he could take some pictures of his cat. I said sure. I needed to keep him busy while Zach and Josh finished up. He got some decent shots and I was really happy my camera didn't have paint all over it when he was finished! We are all very excited to see the finished projects!!

Yesterday (Wednesday) I took the boys swimming. Now that was fun! And I knew it would be. We have done that several times before. It is so great now that they can swim a little bit better. There are no more death grips around my neck (times 3) and no more grabbing onto my swimsuit for dear life (times three-which may involve flashing the other innocent swimmers in the pool-never fun). We actually get to play and swim now. We have come a long way!! With that said- they still have a ways to go.

Today I was planning on the zoo. But to be honest I am tired. I think the boys are too. I think a day to hang out sounds much better for all of us. I figured if we get bored later I will take them to the park or something. After all this isn't the LAST spring break we will have together. ;)


  1. I'm so sorry to admit this, but I was laughing out loud reading your description of painting with the boys. :-) If you think that was bad, try doing it with a bunch of 3-year-olds plus a couple of toddlers running around. Talk about FUN! And I've done that MANY times. Yes, I might be a little crazy. I kind of wish you'd mentioned it to me beforehand so I could have helped you with the expectations! It's only been in the last six months or so that I can take Annalie painting with me and actually manage to paint something myself, too. Until then, even though she'd been painting since she was 2.5, I had to be so hands-on (and jumping-up-and-down) with helping her that it was pointless to even think about trying to paint my own piece. The fact that you went BY YOURSELF with all three boys and they painted fabulous animals and no one broke anything constitutes an extremely successful outing in my book! :-)

  2. What a fantastic spring break, and you are a brave woman to tackle the pottery painting with three kiddos. I have trouble keeping myself in line when I go with adult friends!