Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter on the Farm

On Saturday, we went out to my aunt and uncle's house to celebrate Easter with my side of the family. Some cousins from New York were in town as well as Harry's sister from Kansas. It was great to see all of them- along with the normal Omaha crew.

Mary Carol and Harry live on a farm and it is a little kids heaven!! The boys love it. They love running and playing in a HUGE area- exploring and riding tractors, the snoopy mobile and riding lawn mowers. (I remember loving that as well when I was a kid) In fact, my boys often ask if they can go play with Mary Carol and Harry. :) Who wouldn't with all that fun stuff to play and explore?

Anyway the Easter bunny visited the farm! This was very exciting.
When we first got there not everyone had arrived yet. We tried to keep the boys inside and occupied while we waited for Wade and Allison to arrive. Mary Carol and Harry's bunny hid a few eggs inside. So the boys hunted for those. Then we tried to entertain them by singing. My side of the family loves to sing! In fact, when we pray we usually sing the prayer. Growing up I assumed that everyone did this. When I got married it really freaked Matt out- so I realized that this was a family thing. :)
So here is my mom (a children's choir director for her church) and my aunt trying to teach my boys a new song. My kids must take after Matt's side of the family as they wanted NOTHING to do with singing.
They hid in the corner with panicked looks on their faces. :) On a side note- they did ask me to teach them the song in private last night. I think they like singing and movements but not when others are around.
Wade and Allison arrived!! So we were able to hunt for eggs. And boy were we all excited!
We went outside and let them go! I don't remember hunting eggs on a farm...but wow that would have been FUN!! They were EVERYWHERE!! Kids scattered and adults laughed and it was fun for all! Zach is in the red coat, Josh is in the blue coat, and Alex isn't wearing a coat.

I love this picture of Josh! He was SO HAPPY and all smiles!! It totally represented our day!
After the hunt was over, the boys still ran and played a while. Some adults went inside to fix dinner and some went inside because the wind made it a little chilly.
Alex LOVES riding this tractor around and I think its funny he wouldn't put his eggs down. He carried them everywhere! After a little bit we all went in for our delicious dinner!
After dinner, Wade and Allison took the boys on a walk. They came back with lots of farmish things- like soybeans, ears of corn, etc.

I knew that our night was coming to an end when I looked over and saw Alex doing this:
That is a cool thing about Alex. When he is tired he just lays down- granted its in the middle of where all the people are- but he doesn't whine and cry (usually). He just plops himself down.

It was a great time!! Thanks again Mary Carol and Harry for hosting and hiding eggs!! We had an awesome time!!


  1. We need to get Alex to teach Annalie that trick, because when she's tired she gets crazier and wilder and sillier, then she'll usually lose it over some tiny thing, and then crash. I honestly think if we let her stay up as late as she wanted, she'd be going to bed at midnight or later every night because she'd refuse to admit she was tired!

    I laughed at the singing thing, because my mom's family sings too! Well, we don't have singalongs or anything, but my mom and her siblings all love music; their mom was a singer; and their paternal grandfather was a professional musician. My brother and mom and I always used to sing together in the car. I loved eating dinner at my piano teacher's house beacuse the whole family would often sing mealtime prayers in harmony!

  2. so cute how Alex just took a rest :) I love it!

  3. Great post! How fun for the boys to have a farm to run around and explore. I love that your family sings. I don't think my family would know what to do if someone broke out into song, unless it was along with the radio or an iPod.