Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter in the City- and a Birthday Party too

Easter Sunday we spent in the city with Matt's parents. Matt's dad (Larry) also has a birthday this week so we had an Easter/birthday party on Sunday. The weather was AWESOME!! We couldn't have asked for a better day. The past few years we have had to do egg hunts inside because of the rain and/or cold. This year was gorgeous!!

We decided to eat first because we knew that once the boys (and me) got chocolate they would eat a ton of candy rather than a nutritious meal. Ronna made shrimp curry. It is my favorite meal that she makes!! SO GOOD!!

Josh and Zach love shrimp, so Ronna was nice enough to give them a plate full.

It was delicious as always!! Thanks again Ronna!!

After lunch, the Easter bunny came again for the boys to hunt eggs!! And they were very excited to have TWO visits from the bunny this year!

It was funny, when the boys found the Spongebob egg- they all thought it was a juice box and were just as happy with that! :) They are so easy going its awesome!

After the hunt, we went back inside for pie and presents.

The past few years the boys have drawn a picture of Larry for his birthday. Its been fun to see them over the years and how they develop in their drawings. Last year Larry had GIGANTIC ears. This year he seems to be quite hippy- as in big hips not someone from the 60's.
After eating WAY TOO MUCH we decided that it was too nice to be inside and went back outside to play. We played a little baseball, catch, tennis (sort of- its paddles that you bounce balls back and forth with) and had races across the yard. After awhile the boys started to hunt for bugs. This amuses me because it is something that I loved to do when I was little.

Since they are all wearing the same thing maybe you are wondering who is who....Alex is in the first pic, Josh is in the second one and Zach is in the last one.

The boys also played with Andy's old skateboard. Mostly they sat on it and pushed themselves around.

(Zach is in all three pictures above)
Unfortunately, we had a minor skater accident. Josh fell on his face, which broke is glasses and gave him a little black eye and cut.

So now he has band aids on both eyes- poor guy!

Overall Easter this year was absolutely wonderful!! Thanks Ronna and Larry for making our day special. We had a great time spending it with you!!

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