Monday, April 26, 2010

Dip Punk!

Saturday was a fun filled, jam packed, day that I am going to blog it in sections. Otherwise its going to be a REALLY LONG post. And who has time to read LONG posts that go on and on? Not me!!

Anyway Saturday I had the privileged to go out to lunch with Joe, Kassie and Jim. Matt was with the boys, in case anyone was wondering. :) I am going to back up a second and talk- I mean gush- a little about Joe. :)

Joe and I met in high school and became really good friends. He is awesome! He is kind, silly, creative, goofy and just plain fun to be around. I have been known to call him dip punk. Why you may ask? Well let me tell you. Back in high school we were in these NCOT (North Computers of Tomorrow) classes. These classes were all done on the computers. Very high tech for the time. Anyway my friends and I didn't write notes to each other on just a piece of paper. We were too high tech for that. We either used an actual notebook- but I don't think we did that did we Joe? or we used the computer screen. Now keep in mind, at this time there wasn't instant messaging or email or text messaging. We would seriously write on a word document and then read off each others screens. I was writing a note to someone else and Joe kept trying to look at what I was writing. I was getting mad and frustrated and wanted to yell "QUIT DIPPIN PUNK!" but was so mad it came out as "Dip Punk!" It was funny and it stuck. I won't tell you what he calls me. Honestly I can't remember why that name came about so its really a moot point right? :)

Joe is awesome and I owe a lot of my favorite things in life to Joe. For example- Nebraska football. I consider myself a fan. But really if I want to be honest about it- I am not. I have friends who are and I am PATHETIC with all caps! I don't know all the statistics and plays and history- nor do I care. I just love watching it. Joe took me to my first Nebraska football game and it was AWESOME!! The crowd! The energy! The hot dogs! I was hooked. Now every chance I get (which isn't often) I go to games!

Joe also introduced me to lots of awesome music. The one that comes to mind right now- and no idea why- is Back to the Hotel by n2deep. We must have listened to that song a lot riding around in his white CRV or something. Every time I hear that song I smile, think of Joe and then bop my head- gansta like of course. :)

Joe introduced me to Mudslides....those delicious chocolaty drinks....yum. Next to the margarita- my choice of alcohol. He also introduced me to spinach and artichoke dip. And it could have possibly been in the same night but I am not sure. Favorite appitizer hands down.

And now for my new favorite thing in life!!! This Saturday Joe introduced me to sushi. Honestly, I have had it once before but I was not impressed. Saturday- TOTALLY impressed!! -and now completely hooked.

We (Kassie, Jim (Joe's bro), Joe and I) went to Blue and can I just say YUM. It was delicious wonderfulness. I do have to admit I have to feel a little guilty about all of this. Matt has been trying to get me to go with him for months and I wasn't, shall we say, open to the idea. But I had the opportunity to go to lunch with them and I knew from past experiences that Joe wouldn't disappoint. :)

Here is Jim explaining all the wonderful deliciousness qualities of sushi. My only regret is that I didn't take pictures of all the ones I loved, nor do I remember all the names. Good thing Joe and I are friends and I can call and ask. :)

Joe is awesome to say the least. He is a fantastic friend and I feel very lucky that he is in my life! PLUS he introduced me to his wife Kassie. Another wonderful thing in my life!! Thanks Joe for filling my life with wonderful things! You are the best! :)


  1. Such a nice post Trina - Joe is an awesome guy and well worth a spot on your blog. So is sushi :)

  2. Awwww. You're so nice, I totally don't deserve all that. And hey, any time I can bring some bad dance music and sushi into someone's life...I'm there!!! Also, pretty awesome there yourself DP.

  3. That was supposed to say PG (for POLE GIRL!!!)instead of "DP" at the end there. As to how that came about...well like so many of those things, totally random. I think I was telling you about one of Jim's classmates who was running around in gym class w/ a volleyball net pole - you know the kind w/ the wheels- between her legs or something odd like that so they had started calling her "pole girl". You called me "dip punk" and I think I retaliated by calling you pole girl. Kinda had to be there I guess, but it stuck.