Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Love my Arms

Lately, I have been down on how fat I am or how fat I have become. Fat, Fat, Fat. Its depressing!! I try to eat right. But I love food. It can be SO DELICIOUS!! And to be honest in some stressful moments- chocolate really does make me feel better!

But lately, too much of my life is unsettled and up in the air- that chocolate and various other sweets have become the norm and thus has led me to my "I'm SO fat". Its never a good feeling to put on pants and breathe a sigh of relief that they still fit! That leads me to 1 of 2 thoughts. 1-YEA I can eat more....wait that is usually the only thought. But lately things a getting a little more snug and I just feel frumpy. Plus during the last episode of biggest looser I cried like a baby because those people are doing something about their issue and I am not.

So instead of sulking about it and woe is me-ing about it- I am doing something about it. I like to think of myself as a doer. Anyway...I am on day 3 without candy or ice cream. I would like to say without chocolate- but I had this disgusting homemade frosty smoothie that I tried yesterday. And I am on day 3 of exercising in a row. I am usually pretty good about keeping up with that routine. I am pretty consistent of working out 3 times a week. However I became bored with the gym and have foregone all weights (NOT GOOD) and am only walking and running through the neighborhood. YEA for nice weather. So I need to figure out what to do about that. I am SO BORED of the gym. I want to join a boot camp or some other class instead. I read Jillian Michales book and have gone organic and tried to take all fake foods out of the diet.

Along with that I am trying to change my thought process. I am trying to find something about my body that I like...instead of disgusted by. So I chose my arms. The more I thought about it the more I can say I LOVE my arms. Don't get me wrong the are totally ordinary. Not buff or anything, but they are near and dear to me. In the summer they turn a golden tan. They allow me to hold my children when they are happy, or sick, or sad, or just plain needing a cuddle. They allow me to embrace my husband. They give me freedom!!- like driving, opening doors, carrying shopping bags, etc. And lastly, I think that they are the only part of my body I don't try and cover up with something- unless its winter. Then I cover those bad boys up with multiple things. So there you have it. I love my arms! Now, if the rest of my life would fall into place. :)


  1. Great post, Katrina. I love that you focused on one part of your body that you really love. I wish I loved my arms! I want to hear more about this Jillian Michaels book, too.

  2. Ok - so Ive totally wanted to do a boot camp too but they schedule those darn things at 5am!!! Who WANTS to get up at 5am and work their butt off?? If we can find one over the summer that is during the day, Im in. Hm, and I love my eyes! They are totally unique and no one has anything like them. Freckle and all.