Friday, March 4, 2011

An Interview with Josh

What's your name?
How old are you?
Where do you live?
In a new house.
Do you know where the new house is?
The neighborhood of Jones Circle.
Who do you like to play with?
What is your favorite food?
What is your favorite drink?
Chocolate milk.
What is your favorite snack?
Granola bars.
What is your favorite toy?
Video Games.
What is your favorite TV show?
Johnny Test
What is your favorite game?
Little Big Planet. Both one and two.
What is your favorite book?
The Quarter Book.
What quarter...ohhhh the one where you collect the state quarters in?
YES!! That one!!
What is your favorite restaurant?
Red Lobster.
What is your favorite holiday?
The Fourth Of July?
No, the 7th.
That's your birthday.
My favorite is my birthday!
What is your favorite animal?
Um...I am going to need to think a while.....I like all the animals.
If you could change your name what would you change it to?
Why Frank?
Because I like the name Frank.

What do you love about each person in your family? Like what do you love most about daddy?
Hmmm....I might need to think. Because he loves me.
What do you love most about Zach?
He colors with me.
What do you love most about Alex?
I play with him.
What do you love most about mommy?
You snuggle with me.
What do you love most about yourself?
I am just handsome!

Where do you want to go on vacation this year?
To New York.
What are some wishes for this year?
MONEY!!! I also wish for a store and lollipops. Done.
Thanks for letting me interview you Josh.
You're Welcome.


  1. "Because I like the name Frank." Hahahahaha!

    Also, this reminds me I never did this interview with Annalie around the start of the New Year like I have the past two years. I guess I'd better get to it. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I am just handsome! Love that kid.

  3. Josh, you might not get a STORE, you might get lollipops!