Friday, March 25, 2011

Arizona: Day 6

Last vacation day. So sad! What better use of our last few hours than to do this? (also my 7 days shot for the day)

I read and swam. Relaxed as much as I could.

Josh and Zach went on one last desert hike with Linda.

Then they swam! I have a couple of fish on my hands!!!! Alex is still sick so he was in bed, but seemed to be doing better than the day before. Overall, it was relaxing and wonderful last few hours.

The trip home was....well it was horrible. We got to the airport and our flight was delayed. Annoying in the best of circumstances but add a sick kid and it makes it more so. We had a connecting flight and then there was worry that we would miss it. Southwest actually held the plane for us so we didn't miss it. That was a relief.

The first leg of the flight went ok. By the end of it Alex was getting worse. The flight landed, Matt grabbed all carry on luggage, coats, etc. I carried Alex and we ran through the terminal to get to our next flight. Alex moaning and crying the whole way and Matt and I yelling "keep up boys" to Zach and Josh.

We got to the plane and of course it was full and 5 seats were not together. Thankfully some really kind strangers moved around so we could all be near each other. I almost cried I was so thankful! People out there are still kind and its wonderful! The end of that flight Alex was throwing up and was miserable. It was a horrible flight. We landed about 10:30/11 pm so we were all tired.

After we landed we got off the plane. I carried Alex and Matt carried everything else and both of us yelling "keep up boys" to Josh and Zach. Larry was there to pick us up and we were off to get our luggage.

And then the airline lost part of our luggage. The boys booster seats are in the United States somewhere and so far no one has found them. Oh and did I mention that is was snowing? Yup. Vacation is clearly over! :)

The bright side is, we are all home safe and sound. Now if I could just get Alex to stop puking and fever free life would be good!

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  1. Oh my goodness, poor Alex! I hope he is feeling better by now. Did you end up taking him to the doctor or anything?