Thursday, March 24, 2011

Arizona: Day 5

It's hard to describe this trip. I am having a good time, but am sad Alex is so sick. Alex woke up a little worse than the day before. Still running a fever and laying around. No puking though, so hopefully that is done with! So we weren't able to do things as a family like I had hoped.

First thing this morning Josh and Zach made Alex a get well card.

How sweet are they? I think they are missing Alex too!

Linda and I went on a walk. The cacti are just starting to bloom and I LOVE blooming cacti!! So I was excited to see a few of them.

Blooming Cacti

After our walk, Matt stayed home with Alex and Bill, Linda, Josh, Zach and I went hiking up a mountain in the Sears Ruins in the Tonto National Forrest. We saw the Hohokum Native American ruins. It was beautiful! The weather was awesome! We didn't see much wildlife. However, Zach spotted a gecko lizard, so that was fun.

Mountain Climbing

After our hike, we went out to lunch then came back to the house to swim the rest of the afternoon. It's been sad not having the whole family together, but we are making the best of it!!

Today for my 7 days shot the theme was up. So I thought what better shot than hiking UP a mountain. Here is my pic:

7 days: day 5: up

Tomorrow is our last day of vacation, and some of are already in tears about it! We heart Arizona!!! And we extra heart Bill and Linda!!

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