Saturday, March 19, 2011

Arizona: Day 1

Today we took our first family vacation. Where did we go? Arizona!!! I have gone here every year for a while now....well the past 6 years actually. Bill and Linda have been kind enough to let me come down and stay with them for a little getaway. And they treat me like a queen every time. In the past, my dear friend Meg has come with me. Or I have gone with her, depending on how you want to look at it. After all, Bill and Linda are Meg's parents.

This year, my family came with me. And although it is a COMPLETELY different kind of vacation- it is just as wonderful! As Bill and Linda are the best hosts ever!

The plane trip went smoothly.


I am not a huge fan of flying, and I tried very hard not to pass my uneasiness onto the boys. I think I did ok on that. They had a few moments of nervousness- but nothing out of the ordinary. They had lots of fun looking out the windows, watching the plane get loaded with our luggage, etc.

Luckily, we all got to sit together. Which was a concern of mine. With 5 of us we weren't sure how that was going to work. As it turned out- Alex, Josh and I sat in one row and Zach and Matt sat behind us. Perfect!


They kept themselves busy with snacks, looking out the window, chatting, and playing their iPods. No complaints at all! We arrived safely, on time, and with all our luggage. What more can you really ask for, right?

We got to Bill and Linda's and immediately got into the pool.
If you are wanting to know who is in each picture, it's Josh, Zach, Me and Josh, and Alex.

It wasn't the warmest day, but it was warmer than Omaha and that is all that mattered. And kids don't notice that stuff anyway!

The rest of the afternoon we hung out and ate and chatted and cocktailed. What more can you ask for? It's been the perfect start to our first family vacation!!! Oh, and in case you are curious about who is in the picture above, Zach is by the cactus, Josh is on top, Zach is in the middle and Alex is on the bottom.

On a side is 7 Days again (the taking a self portrait for 7 days in a row thing I like to do)....woot!! Anywho, here is my day 1 photo:

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