Monday, March 21, 2011

Arizona: Day 3

Well today we decided to go to the Grand Canyon. We were all excited. It was a rainy day and we knew that meant cold and snow there but it was only going to be 1-3 inches. No big deal for people from Nebraska!

Well, turns out it was a big deal. As we were driving, Alex got either car sick or altitude sick and threw up over and over. I was unprepared and didn't have a puke bag. Since I didn't want throw up all over the car- which Bill and Linda were nice enough to let us borrow- I quick dumped out my favorite purse and he used that to throw up in. So long purse! Poor guy. We got up to Sedona....and can I just say how absolutely gorgeous it was!! Holy cow. Breathtaking!! These pictures do not do it justice!



Anyway the rain turned to snow and ice which caused an accident closing the road. There was another interstate we could have taken, but they closed that one down too due to weather. Turns out a few inches was a big deal.
Turning Around

So we turned around spent a little time in Sedona and then headed back to Bill and Linda's. They boys and Matt stayed here and Linda took me shopping for a new purse. So the day wasn't a total loss. :)

Here is my 7 days: day 3 shot:
7 days: day 3

Not a flattering picture of me at all, but it does capture the day.

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