Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Arizona: Day 4

Today didn't go as planned, but it wasn't horrible either. Yesterday we thought Alex got car sick. Turns out he wasn't car sick he seems to have the flu instead. Poor guy. No fun being sick and even worse when it's on vacation!!!

Due to this, plans were changed. Originally, the boys and I were going to go with Bill and Linda to go see Linda's parents and Matt was going to take a photo walk through the desert. Since Alex was sick, Bill and Linda took Josh and Zach for the day of fun. Then Matt and I stayed with Alex. This way Matt could still do a photo walk and we could both take care of Alex.

Alex was devastated that he missed out on all the fun. And fun they all had!!! They rode in the golf cart, picked up pine cones, visited neighbors, ate lunch, played putt putt and then boccie ball. They all had a blast!!

Once Alex had a little Tylenol in him, he perked up and wanted to go on the hike with daddy. So we all went on a hike with the understanding that Alex and I would head back when he tired out.
Desert Hike

It was so much fun. The weather was awesome!! But after a little bit, Alex tired out and we headed back to the house and Matt continued on. And lookie what Matt found!!!

So glad I wasn't with him!! He said he almost stepped on it. Creepy!!

Alex slept for a few hours and I worked very hard on my tan and reading.
By the Pool

Such a hard day!! Yeah right! That afternoon Matt and the boys swam a while. After dinner we roasted marshmallows. You can tell by this picture Alex still isn't feeling good.
Roasting Marshmallows

Then we finished the day with a little hot tubing. For having a sick kid, the day wasn't too horrible.

Today for my 7 days shot I took a pic of me on my hike in the desert. Here's my shot:
7 days: day 4

Here is hoping Alex feels better tomorrow and the rest of us don't start puking!! Fingers crossed!!!!

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