Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dirty Girl!!

I went completely race crazy this year! It was AWESOME!! I think I did 5 races in the past 5 months!! I did 2 Warrior Dashes, a Color Run, a Mini Mud Run and I ended the season with the Dirty Girl Mud Run! And what a way to end it!! Don't get me wrong- every race was SUPER fun!! But between you and me by this time I was a little burned out. My hips have been hurting- Complain, complain. Anyway- this race was the perfect way to end the season!!

We all met at my friend Amy's house and headed to Lincoln- ON GAME DAY- POOR POOR planning on someones part!! 
It was a race for women only and a race to support breast cancer- both survivors and awareness. The energy there was like no other! Everyone cheering each other on. There were all ages! I saw women my moms age to women younger than me. All supporting each other. There were awesome team names and t-shirts. I think my favorite t-shirt I saw said "Of course these are fake! The real ones tried to kill me!!"

The obstacles were more on the fun side. The first obstacle was a big bounce house type thing. You climbed up it and then slid/bounced down the other side- giggling all the way. Their obstacle names were pretty funny too like PMS (Pretty muddy stuff), Just Get Over It, H2OMG, Utopian Tube- which I may have gotten trapped in. My bobby pin got caught in the net part of it. It was hilarious- once I got freed! :)

Amy, Bell, me, Ricci & Annie
This race was the MUDDIEST I have ever been!! And I have been pretty muddy from both of the Warrior Dashes! It was mud pit after mud pit. Climbing in and out of mud. It was fabulous!!

I feel lucky to have been a part of this day- especially with some of my girlfriends!!
Amy, Ricci, Bell, Annie, and me

Ok- now all you ladies out there- go get a mammogram or do a breast check!! It's important!

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