Saturday, September 29, 2012

Three fer One

Instead of doing three separate blogs for my last three pictures of 7 Days, I thought I would combine them all into one. A 3fer deal!

Day 5:
Today had a theme of spots. Here I am with my spotted iphone case and spots on my windshield. That works right?
7 Days: Day 5: Spots

Day 6:
It was kind of a nice morning. I was able to relax and do a little bit of 'me' time with Starbucks and my kindle.


Days: Day 6

Day 7:
This summer the boys each wanted to grow something by seed. Alex grew snapdraggons. Which didn't make it. Josh grew cacti. Which started to grow. We were all so excited and impressed. Then I set them outside in the hot sun and killed them all. Huh. You would thing HOT is what a cactus would want. Apparently not. And Zach wanted to grow peppers. And lookey here- we are actually getting some!! I am in awe everyday over that!

7 Days: Day 7