Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Fall and Happy 7 Days!!

It's Seven Days time again!! You know- where I take a picture of myself for seven days in a row! :) I haven't done this in almost a year. So I am a tad excited to do it again! Get some creative juices going.

Today was the first day of fall!! WOOT!! I love fall. The cooler weather. The beautiful trees. The layering of clothes!! And I am especially excited this year since the summer was unbearably hot!! Bring on the cooler weather!!

To celebrate the first day of fall we started a fire and roasted marshmallows and made some s'mores. It was great!!
Happy Fall, ya'll!!
Zach, Alex, Josh
As cute as that above picture is...hard to see my slipper in that shot so I chose this one instead. 7 Days: Day1:

Ohhhh...and after Matt and I put the kids to bed we hung out some more by the fire. Just enjoying the quiet. Our (I call it our...but really we have no ownership in it at all) owl swooped by Matt and landed on our neighbors house. We have seen him several times since we moved into our house. I think its a great horned owl. He is big and a little scary. :) So I thought we should name him. 
We named him Hooters! 
(This picture was taken last year....not a great picture but you get the idea of how magnificent s/he is)

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