Friday, August 17, 2012

The Start of our Second Grade Year

We made it through our first week of second grade. And I even got to sub for fifth grade one of those days!! Crazy! Anyway....

We were nervous to start a new school but we have felt nothing but completely welcomed!! It's been wonderful!! The principal, teachers and counselor have gone above and beyond to make this transition go smoothly!! They even had a little welcome party for all the new students this afternoon.

Here are my boys- super second graders!! (Zach, Alex & Josh)

Zach was a little nervous.

As was Josh.

Alex seemed nothing but excited. But he is mister social. He has never met a stranger!

We got a picture or two with our neighbors- just like we did last year. Got to keep that tradition going!! Although this year some of the neighbors have changed.

We got to school that morning.

And in this crazy mob of moms and dads tried to find our teachers. And this mob is just for first and second graders. It was nuts!

We found each of the teachers. Zach has Mrs. Seyl.

Josh has Mrs. Schaben.

Alex has Mrs. Bauer.

All three teachers seem fantastic and seem to really work together as a team. Which is a huge plus in my book!! And so far the boys have talked fondly of each of their teachers.

Of course the day got better when we found our good friends!!

How could it not?!?!

They were all smiles after school the first day and that couldn't have made my heart happier!! I feel like this is going to be a really great year!!

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