Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mini Mud Run

Back in August, the boys and I did a mini mud run in Lincoln. It was so much fun!! What made it even better is that we were able to do it with some good friends!!
All the kids

All us moms

The race was a one mile obstacle course. As we were waiting in line, I was telling the boys that when they get to mud feel free to play in it! Zach looked at me and said "Wait! You mean to tell me I can get REALLY muddy and rub mud on my face?!?" I said he could and he was completely flabbergasted! He looked at me like I was an alien or something! It was really funny!

The crowds were making Josh SUPER nervous. Almost to the point where he no longer wanted to do the race. But he did it and I am so proud of him for sticking with it and conquering his fear! The first obstacle was crawling through tubes while people squirted you with water guns. The second obstacle was a balance beam thing. None of the boys were uber impressed until we got to the mud. Here we are crawling over tires. I am wearing a bright blue shirt and my boys are probably around me.

Once we hit the mud the boys were in HEAVEN!! They didn't walk through the mud pits. Oh no! Not my kids! They SWAM through it!! They rolled around in it. They splashed in it! It was fantastic!

There was a large slide at the end that lead you into another mud pit. Which was a BLAST! However it was a little difficult to get out of it......

But we made it! And we were a glorious muddy mess!!
Here is a group picture of us after the race!
And some more fun pics....
Josh, Zach, Alex

Mud Zombies???
After the race, we hosed off and then all 25-30 of us went to lunch at Valentino's! Yum! I really hope they do something like this next year!! We would all love to do it again!!

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