Wednesday, September 26, 2012

7 Days: Day 4

Lately, I have been helping my mom clean out her house. My parents want to move into a home that better fits their needs. Their current home has lots of steep stairs that are becoming a tad more difficult for them. My mom has been in this house for around 40 years so she has quite the collection of stuff going! :)

I have to admit I have kind of enjoyed it.  I love organizing stuff!! We have found lots of "treasures" that bring up great memories! Yesterday I found a ton of toys that I LOVED playing with. Lots of those playschool people and furniture that goes with them. We also found this gem (which is my 7days: day4 shot):

7 Days: Day 4

It was our family's very first answering machine!! If only it would have been in working order! It would have been awesome to hear what was on that TAPE!! Oh well! Still pretty cool to me!

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