Friday, July 27, 2012

The Color Run

July 14 was the Color Run! They claim it's the happiest 5K on the planet....and I agree!! It was so much fun!! I loved every minute of it!!

This is Matt and I before we raced! Nice and clean and ready to get full of color!!
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We were excited to be able to do it with some friends!! It's always more fun to do things as a group isn't it? Here are a few shots of us all nice and clean.

Katie, their friend, and Drew

Dwayne and Tara

Our friends (and some of their friends and family)- Katie, Drew, Tara, Dwayne, Amy, Ronnie, Keith, and Bell, Matt and I all got together and ran it. Missy and her crew were there too but we couldn't find them before the race. In a sea of people all dressed in white it's hard to find each other!!

See what I mean? That was the line ahead of us. There were that many or more people behind us!! It was CRAZY!! I hate crowds. HATE them...but for some reason races like these are so much fun and exciting they don't bother me at all!! This next picture isn't the greatest- but this is the line of people ahead of us. It looked like that behind us too. Crazy crowded- but amazingly enough it didn't feel cramped.

Tara, Bell, Amy and I all stuck together. We jogged some, walked some, went slowly through the paint areas. Needed to get SUPER colorful. It's the whole reason you are there right?!?! I may have even laid down in one paint area to make sure I was colorful enough. Tara made sure I didn't get trampled! :) And we even stopped along the way to ask a nice lady to take our picture! :) It was a blast!! I can't wait for us to do our next race next month and the month after! Again I have gone race crazy this year. I think by the end of the year I will have done 5 of them!! Considering I have only done 1 in my whole life up until now that is ah- mazing!
Me, Tara, Bell & Amy

 It was hot! But we made it and had a blast! Here are a few after pictures:

After the race you could gather in a crowd like this:

I am the one in a colorful white shirt standing next to Matt, Amy and Bell. :) Thanks to Dwayne for taking these pictures! Anyway you get in a crowd and they count down and you get to throw your own color paint pouch up in the air. Just to make sure you and your neighbors are EXTRA colorful!! Awesome good time!!

I would highly recommend it! It was a happy and fun and colorful time! You can't help but just smile the whole time and you totally forget you are exercising!!

I really hope they come back next year!! Because I am TOTALLY in!!

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  1. I'm doing a Color Run in October! I am SO excited! I found you by searching blogs for "color run." I wanted to read about other people's experiences. Glad you had a great time and congrats on crossing the finish line!