Monday, July 23, 2012

Look Who Turned 8!!!

On JULY 7 the boys turned 8!! EIGHT!! Wow- time is really flying!! They have really turned into some terrific boys!! I am so proud of each of them!!

Since I seem to do things in THREE (HA!) This year they had three birthday parties. One with my side of the family, a small friend one, and one with Matt's side of the family. Splitting up the family party was so much easier on me! Totally doing that from now on!!

For my side of the family it was nice. We had my parents, my aunt and uncle and some cousins over. We hung out, I had a taco bar for us to eat,

then we opened presents (as we stuffed ourselves silly with delicious tacos!)  The boys were even nice enough to let Sarah help them open a few.

After the food had settled, we ate cake! For this party, I made each of the boys a cake to their liking.  Josh wanted a Lego cake. He designed and built the Lego cake toppers. I think his 8 is quite creative and I love how he used mostly orange Legos! It's a very Josh cake! :)
Josh's Birthday Cake

Zach wanted a money cake. We found some gigantic paper coins and Zach designed how they were going to go on the cake. It turned out AWESOME!!
Zach's Birthday Cake

Alex wanted a Muppet cake. And he wanted ALL the Muppets. So this is what we came up with. Lucky for me, HyVee sold me the toppers without having to by the cake too!
Alex's Birthday Cake

I loved all the cakes and they totally represented each of my kids and what they are into right now! They each made a wish and we gobbled them down!!
Josh, Alex, & Zach

We had a great time!! Here is one last picture of all the cousins- well all the ones in town anyway.
Zach, Sarah, Alex, Mitchell, Josh & Liam

A couple of days later, the boys had their small friend party. They chose Bounce U again. They did this last year as well. It's kind of a task to agree on one place that all three will be happy with. Lucky for all of us- Bounce U they all enjoy and agree on. Thank goodness!!
I think that everyone had a great time. We even did the cosmic bounce this time. This is where they turn out the lights, give the kids glow necklaces and let them bounce.
After wearing everyone out (YEAH RIGHT!! There is no wearing out a bunch of boys!!) We ate more cake. Choosing one cake design was another hard choice- but they all agreed on Phinneas and Ferb.
Zach, Alex, Josh

A few days later we were ready for the next party!! We were excited because Andy, Marcie, Mason and Jack came to town!! We always have a great time with them!!  They spent a few days with us and we did lots of fun things! Like eat some ice cream

Mason, Zach, Alex, Josh

We hung out, went to a park, got family pictures taken, and went to a swim park. The next few pictures were taken by Andy.
Mason, Zach, Alex & Josh

My boys love the water slides!!

Zach gives the thumbs up approval!

Josh & Zach

And we may have worn out Mason!!

We had a great time!!

Of course, no birthday party is complete without a cake. I feel like this blog is turning into a blog all about what cake we ate. This one is from Cold stone. And it was delicious!!

Alex, Zach, Josh

So I think that about sums up how we celebrated the boys EIGHTH birthday!! Boy- time sure does fly by!! I feel so lucky to have these 3 really great kids in my life!!


  1. I can't believe they are 8 years old already! Wow how time flies! You have such an awesome family. :-) The boys look like they all had a fabulous time and loved all the cakes!! :-) Happy birthday boys!! :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing, Katrina, and happy b-day to your amazing boys! I feel like this is my one link to social media, so I treasure your blogs! Please tell the boys "Feliz Cumpleanos" from Alejandro and I. See you soon! Francesca

  3. EIGHT. It hardly seems possible, doesn't it? :-)