Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Summer Fun

Earlier this summer I wrote a post about what we had done so far this summer. This is what else we have been up to!

We had some cousins from Iowa come and visit us for the day! John and his two kids drove down for the day.

Josh, Erica, Zach V., Zach L., Alex

We all went to the zoo.  We started with the desert dome and then onto the kingdom of the night. We then headed over to see butterflies and bugs. Bugs are a favorite of Josh and Zach!!
Zach, Erica, Josh, Alex, Zach

And then went to see the baby giraffe! SO CUTE!! Not sure why I didn't take a picture of it. Hmmmm.....guess I was too busy looking at the cute guraffe, chatting with John or making sure I didn't loose one of my kids.

Erica & Zach

Alex & Erica
I think that the highlight of our zoo trip was the aquarium. We got to see the zookeepers cleaning out the shark tank. The zookeepers were really interactive with the kids! They waved hello, blew bubbles at them and showed them shark teeth they found on the ground! Erica thought the sharks were going to be rich after all the teeth the tooth fairy was going to collect that night!! I asked her what the sharks would buy with all the money and right away she said ICE CREAM! It was cute!!

Speaking of ice cream.....after the zoo John and I took the kids to get some! It was delicious after the warm day! At the time I thought it was hot. Little did I know that wasn't hot. It was only 90! It got WAY warmer a week or so later! Anyway, enough about the weather! Who am I my grandpa!?!? After the zoo, everyone came over to our house to hang out and eat dinner. This way Matt, Ronna and Larry could see everyone too.

It was a great day and we were so happy that they were able to come and visit!! We hope that they can come back again sometime!!

At the beginning of July, Meg came to town. We always love seeing her! Even if the circumstances she was here for weren't happy. We did get to celebrate the fourth of July with her. It was calm- well as calm as a mother and Tia Meg can be when you hand three 7.9 year olds a stick of fire and tell them to blow things up. **shudders** I'm a worry wort what can I say? Eric and his kids came over too!

Andy, Marcie, Mason and Jack also came to visit!! We had a great time- as always! Even if the weather was a million degrees here!! We got out the baby pool and "swam." We did other fun things too. But if you want to read about more of that visit click HERE.

I took the boys to Lincoln with some good friends and their kids. They all live in our neighborhood and we are all going to Spring Ridge together next year. It's really great to hang out with them!! We went out to lunch at a REALLY good sandwich place that I can't think of the name of. It was SO GOOD!! It reminded me of Potbelly. After lunch, we headed over to Morrill Hall.

Alex, Sam, Charlotte, Josh, Reid & Zach

It was SO much fun!! I hadn't been there since I was a kid. Honestly, I remember it bigger- but it was still a great time!! Plus I may have grown some since I was 10! So that makes my perspective a tad different. The kids all had fun looking at bones, watching videos of mating flies, looking at cool rocks, and they even put on a play for us!! It was great!!

I love hanging out with these guys!!

And I love how all our kids get along!! We have done tons of things this summer with them!! They have helped make our summer tons of fun!!

Josh is still busy cooking! He will cook any chance I let him!! He has even done 3 cooking camps this summer! Here he is making home made granola bars. They are delicious!!

We spent more time with Meg. We got to spend a relaxing day at the lake with her! It was wonderful!!

Zach even brought us ladies all a flower!

Josh is "cooking" salsa sandwiches.

Last week Joe and Kassie were up for the weekend. Joe was taking pictures for a wedding so I got to hang out with Kassie!! Which I love!!

We got Starbucks and painted pottery and chatted the afternoon away. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon!

Lately, we have been trying to find ways to stay cool!! It has been SO HOT!! 100 or over. Too hot to be outside. We went to see Brave with some friends, went bowling, and swimming a few times. I have to admit its almost too hot to go swimming. Weird but true!

Josh and Zach

There are only a couple weeks left in the summer. I am still a tad sad about it- I LOVE having the boys around!! No worries- I have a couple more weeks to cram in the fun!! :)

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