Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Fun

Yesterday was a perfect day to carve pumpkins not to mention a great way to end our weekend! It was a semi-decent day to take the pumpkins outside. I was happy about that. Now I didn't need to mop the floor when we were finished!! YEA!!

So Matt and I got the boys all set up on the deck to start making our Jack-O-Lanterns. Matt cut the tops off of them and the boys started to clean them out.

Alex found this part very disgusting.

This is Alex yelling "EWWWWWWW!"

Josh thought it was cool and tried to gross everyone out with the pumpkin innards.

Look at his ornery face!

Zach worked diligently on his.

When the pumpkins were seed and goo free, we let the boys design what they wanted their pumpkin faces to look like. Honestly, Alex could really care less about it. By this time he had lost most interest in the whole pumpkin carving activity. Whatever Matt suggested he was all for it. But then again he is a really easy going kid. Zach cared a lot about what his Jack-O-Lantern was going to look like.

Zach, being the self proclaimed artist he is, drew quite a few different faces before deciding on one he liked....

And one that Matt could carve. There was much discussion on that.

Then it was Josh's turn. I have two very creative boys. But unfortunately, Matt and my carving skills are not up to their designs. But in the end, we got some pretty cool Jack-O-Lanterns I think.

Alex with his pumpkin.

Josh with his pumpkin.

And Zach with his pumpkin.

When it got dark, I interrupted the boys Star Wars game to get a picture with their glowing Jack-O-Lanterns!

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  1. Very nice, all of them! Tell Alex that Annalie hates the pumpkin goop too. She refuses to touch it!