Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Fun Fall Day

Friday the boys didn't have school, I didn't have to work, and Matt took the day off. We decided to take advantage of that and do something fun as a family. It was a GORGEOUS day!! I know I have mentioned this before but this fall weather is AWESOME!! Last year we went from summer to winter so it's been really great to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine- without sweating or freezing!

We started out the day trying to find Zach a new pair of glasses. He has out grown his last pair and his prescription has changed. So off we went to find a new pair. Let me tell you- that isn't fun. Zach was set on getting a pair of red glasses. Matt and I were set on not letting him get a pair of red glasses. We didn't want him to look like Sally Jesse Raphael. And the red glasses we were finding were more of a pinkish red and a real red. The other problem was Zach is a true boy- he HATES shopping. He doesn't care what he looks like. So trying on clothes, glasses, shoes, etc. is absolute TORTURE for him. He takes after his father on that. We all became really stressed out but eventually we did find a pair. Whew!!

After that we went out to lunch and then off to do something fun. It was much needed after the whole glasses ordeal. Matt and I thought about taking them to a pumpkin patch- but thought against it. We figured that all of those places would be CROWDED. We don't like crowds. Plus the boys had already gone to Vala's on a school field trip- so it's not like they would miss out on something. Instead we decided to go play putt putt.

We took the boys once before- and it was a COMPLETE disaster. I thought that I had blogged about it before. But it turns out when we went it was pre-blogging days.

The Disastrous Day

All I remember from that day was the boys were doing full swings to hit the golf ball. Matt was loosing his mind because no one was following "golf etiquette." He quit after 3 holes. It was crowded. The boys were going in all directions. Zach got a bloody lip from running into something. And all three cried when their ball disappeared after the last whole. Both Matt and I vowed that we would NEVER do that again. But then a few months ago groupon had a good deal and I bought it on an impulse.

The Fantastic Day

And I am SO GLAD that I did. We had a great time. We were almost the only ones there. The weather was great!! And we laughed a lot!

We didn't keep score. I was going to, but then figured that I didn't want to keep track of it all so I didn't bother with it.

At first, the boys were trying to do full swings again, but after a quick lesson from Matt they were good to go. They got the hang of it pretty quickly. Zach got a hole in one!!

It was awesome. I may have hit my ball into the water once- but the boys all had fun trying to get my ball back.

My heroes!! In my defense- it was a bad bounce on the course.

We had such a great time!! I love doing things with my family!! They rock and make life so much fun!! I can't wait for more good times to come!!

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