Friday, October 22, 2010

So Proud!!


Yesterday was kind of cool. Not only did I give parent teacher conferences but I received them as well. That is right- yesterday morning I held my first parent teacher conferences in the past 6 years. I have to admit I was a tad nervous- which was just plan stupid- I have a GREAT group of students and didn't need to give "bad" news to parents. But still after being out of the game for 6 years I felt a little rusty. We did phone conferences and after 3 calls my head was five times bigger than normal. I got so many compliments to my teaching that I was all "I'M THE MAN!!!" :) And it continued through all the conferences. It was a great way to start my day!! The rest of the day I was busy chatting, preparing for next week, planning, chatting, cutting, copying, etc. In the midst of it all Matt brought my kids to see where I worked!! It was great. I got to give them the tour- which was a kids dream- room after room of toys and then a whole TOY ROOM where teachers can check out toys. Yeah, my kids think I work in heaven and I don't disagree. I LOVE MY JOB!!! I stayed an hour longer than I wanted to, but I felt good about leaving.

I got home in time to take Josh and Zach back to the eye doctor. Zach got the thumbs up. His eyes improved so we are going to get him new glasses. Josh's eyes are keeping our doctor on his toes. Still patching- but not both eyes anymore just the left one now. And we go back in 4 weeks to check again. Still unsure if we need to do yet another surgery.

After that it was dinner and then Matt and I were off to the boys parent teacher conferences. It is just so weird to be on the other side of the table. :) I am SO PROUD of each of my boys. They got so many compliments from behavior to academics. It was awesome!! In fact they are so awesome that they each got a reward for a free kids meal at Mimi's cafe!!

Zach was described as a THE star student and his teacher wishes that all kids were like him. He works hard and never complains. He also got Outstanding in art- which his teacher said she had never seen a kid get before!

Alex was described as a wonderful kid who is so kind and caring -a people pleaser. He is making wonderful strides in reading, writing and math. It's awesome. Alex has a rough class. There seem to be some behavior problem kidS -yes more than one. My impression (from Alex not the teacher) is that it is a rough year for the teacher. At the end of a particularly rough day, Alex asked his teacher what they were going to do the next day. She told us she was grumpy and didn't really know or feel like thinking much about it and she just told him lots of stuff. She said Alex looked at her with a big smile and said AWESOME!! and gave her a hug. Yep- that's my Alex!!

Josh was described as a great kid who follows directions and works hard. She said that he doesn't raise his hand a lot or participate in group discussions- he is more of a listener. He was also described as a perfectionist. He wants to spell words correctly and not sound them out. He gets along well with everyone. Just a nice kid to have in class.

None of these comments were really news to Matt or I- but they are still wonderful to hear. I am really proud of all three of my kids and I think that they have great teachers at a wonderful school. So far Kindergarten rocks!!

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  1. NONE of this surprises me at all, because you are an awesome teacher and all three of your kids are amazing human beings. :-)