Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray!!

My kids started writing today!!!!

Well, technically they have been writing for awhile now but they started to write SENTENCES today!! And by kids I mean Josh and Zach. Alex was busy playing with the neighbor kids across the street.

But my heart is happy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beginning stages of writing. It is so impressive and amazing to me. When kids start to get it and it just clicks with them. Ahhh, it does my teacher heart good. I actually teach kid writing in my preschool class. It's amazing to see the growth. is another gorgeous day so Zach, Josh, Alex and I were out front and Zach decided to do sidewalk chalk. Instead of his super creative drawing pictures he usually creates he decided to write sentences.

Can you read these???!?!?! Huh? Can you?!?! Can you?!?! Totally impressed right!?!

A Lion- of course.

An octopus-as if you needed me to tell you that one! :) The whole sentence reads I see a lion. I see a octopus. He also wrote I see a woman. I see a tree. I see a bumblebee. He was a writing fool I tell you.

When Josh saw how excited I was getting (high fiveing and whooping it up and grabbing my camera) he started writing too.

Josh wrote a I see a boy. I was impressed.

This still isn't Alex's thing. He isn't a pencil to paper type of kid. And that is ok. He is still making huge strides. He is starting to read certain words and when he is in the right mood he will draw awesome pictures or practicing writing words. But that is the thing- he has to be in the right mood.

On another note-this morning we also had a playdate with a friend from Josh's class. He is a cute kid. Josh is always talking about Aidan and how they are best friends. So after much begging :) we finally had him over. It was fun. They played star wars wii a little bit and then we made pizzas.

I have to give the credit to Matt for that awesome idea! Much more fun than the sandwich idea I was going to make. :) And fun it was, although no one but Matt and I actually ate the pizzas. The boys had fun making them but they were eating the toppings while making them so by the time the pizzas were done they were no longer hungry. Plus they wanted to play more than eat.

After lunch they played star wars (not the wii game- role played) and other made up games. I can see why those two are good friends. Boys sure seem to make weird noises at each other when they play. Lots of grunting and stuff. Girls don't play that way. But who am I to judge? It was humorous. I was just happy that things were going so well. Last year when we had kids over for a playdate there were jealousy issues amongst my boys. None of that today though! YEA!

I forget people don't always know we have triplets. When Aidan's dad came to pick him up, Josh and Aidan were upstairs and Zach was at the door. He started talking to Zach like he was Josh. A moment later Zach zoomed off and Josh and Aidan came down. You could tell he was a tad confused. Then the next moment all three of my kids were in the same room as Aidan and it must have clicked. About 10-15 minutes later the mom called to get the scoop. It was funny. I guess how would they know? The boys aren't in the same class.

So far it's been an awesome day!! This weather needs to last!! I love the windows open with a breeze coming it!! And I know this day is only going to get better because tonight I/we get to babysit Sarah!! (Wade and Allison's little girl) It will be fun to have a baby around again and a baby GIRL none the less!! :) That is exactly what this house needs sometimes- another girl!


  1. Sounds like a really great day! Whoo hoo for sentences too!

  2. Wow, they really were writing up a storm! That's so exciting!

    And I'm totally intrigued by kid writing but the website gave me a headache so I'm going to have to google to see if there's info somewhere else. Unless YOU want to tell me all about it... ;-)

    I get what you mean about it not being Alex's thing unless he's in the mood. Annalie is the SAME way. I've been so relieved that she seems to understand that school is different, that she has to do it for school, because honestly I was a little worried about it before we started this school year! But as it turns out she's reading and writing like a champ for me when we're doing school. All other times, though, she has no interest in either unless it's HER idea.