Thursday, November 4, 2010


So this post is a little overdue- but at least I am getting around to blogging about it right? :) My original plan was to blog a little bit for each event but since it's past Halloween and we are entering other blog worthy events I decided to just do one longish Halloween post.

Our Halloween celebration started Tuesday with trick or treating at Matt's work (MSI). We have done that every year since he started working there. It is great fun!! People there are SO GENEROUS!!

And the boys came home with overflowing bags of candy. We love it.

Later that week we had the school Halloween parties. Friday morning started out with my preschool class. I threw together a Halloween party using Ronna's helpful ideas. I think it went well. We had snacks, games and even did a little trick or treating. We all had fun and little kids are so cute when they dress up!!

Next came my kids parties.

Josh's class

I ended up volunteering to be Josh's lead parent to organize and throw their party. I didn't want to originally. I feel guilty about doing something like that for one kid and not the others. But Josh's class didn't have a volunteer and I didn't want him to not have a party so I volunteered. Whew. It came back to me VERY quickly why both Halloween and Valentine's day became my LEAST favorite holidays as a teacher. Too much chaos and sugar high kids for me!! WHEW! Needless to say at the end of that day I was exhausted!! Matt took pity on me and we went out to dinner and I may have had a margarita. Anyway back to Josh's party- over all I think things went well. With that said will I volunteer to do it again? Probably not. I felt like I was missing out on Zach and Alex's parties.

Before the actual class parties their school started out with an all school parade- which is always fun!! The kids all lined up to show off their costumes.

Alex was really excited because HIS class got to be the LEADER!! :)

I was really excited because the weather was SO AWESOME that it was awesome to watch the parade outside. Then came Josh's class....

And finally Zach's class....

After the parade, the kids ate snacks,

played games, and then it was time to go home.

Josh and his best friend

On Halloween night we had Eric, Karisa, Miranda and TJ over to trick or treat with us. It was laid back and awesome. We ordered pizza and let the kids play for a little bit before it was time to trick or treat. Eventually when it was dark enough the men took the kids out while us womenfolk hung out to chat and eat our weight in chocolate. Sounds like a perfect night to me!!

It was nice to hang out with them because we don't get to that often. The kids got tons more candy. So we decided to donate the majority of it to a dentist who ship the candy to the troops over seas. Win-win situation for all I think! Overall, I would say Halloween was a blast!!

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  1. Hey, you beat me in blogging about Halloween! I've yet to do so. :-) It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun with it this year!