Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November Update

Earlier this month I had my 36th birthday. I bought gobs of makeup, joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. That pretty much sums up how I feel about being closer to 40 than 30. I wonder what I will do when I turn 40! Yikes. Seriously though- It was nice and uneventful.

On my birthday, I celebrated with Matt and the boys. I even got to open presents!! For some reason I don't understand, Alex was REALLY worried I wasn't going to like what he got me.

There was no need to worry at all! He got me a really pretty necklace and earrings.

Josh got me slippers, Zach got me a pretty sweater and Matt got me a KINDLE!!! Honestly I was unsure if I would like it. I LOVE the smell and feel of a book. I like the flipping of pages and dog earing them when I need to stop reading. I, also, love passing on a good book to someone else. With all that said- I do have to admit- I love my new kindle. In fact, this morning I was reading on it and Josh came and snuggled up with me so he could "read" with me. While I read the book I am reading, Josh read the words he knew on the page. His highlight was getting to push the button to turn the page. That kid is SO INTO electronics it's a little scary!! Anyway- I would highly recommend one. They are pretty cool.

That weekend we went out to my aunt and uncles farm. My aunt and I have a birthday two days apart so we have always celebrated them together for as long as I can remember! And, honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

So I mentioned that I turned 36.....look what age Mary Carol turned!!

How cool is that!! 36 and 63!! We were all very impressed by that!! I don't think that will ever happen to us again. It just made our birthday a little extra special!

Kids in costumes are just awesome, don't you think? So we dressed them up again. Which for my boys wasn't any different from the days since Halloween. I think they would wear their costumes to school everyday if they could. They were very happy to show them off again. And look how cute Sarah is as a tootsie roll!!!

We got to play with Sarah- my cousin Wade and Allison's little girl. She is a doll!! We all love spending time with her!

That night it snowed!! The first snow of the season....which means it's also the first snowball fight!! The next morning the boys had a blast shoveling snow! Let's hope that lasts throughout the season!!

In fact, they went all the way down the block.

You're welcome neighbors!

After shoveling, they made snowmen.

or had snowball fights with the neighbor kids. Either way they had a blast out in the snow!

Other news- we put our house back up for sale. We were planning on taking a break. But after we took it off the market, realtor after realtor called us. So we decided to interview a few, just to get a fresh pair of eyes in here and see if there was something we could do differently. We really liked what this one realtor had to say and have rolled the dice again with him. So far- I am happy to say we have had 3 house showings in one week and a realtor tour. We got lots of feedback from the tour which was very nice. So we will see what happens. Fingers crossed!!

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