Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am slightly inspired this Thanksgiving holiday to make a list of some things I am thankful for. Here it goes:

1. Matt. I won't get all mushy and gooey and make everyone throw up about how much I love that guy...but I really do. He is my heart.

2. My kids. They make me laugh every day. I am so proud of them! It is amazing to me how well they are turning out despite my shortcomings.

3. Chocolate. Enough said.

4. Turkey sandwiches. There really isn't anything better than a good turkey sandwich.

5. Friends. From my really close friends to mere acquaintances. They all impact my life somehow. And I am really thankful for that.

6. Horrible reality tv. It makes me feel better about myself somehow. Plus it's just plain fun to watch!! DRAMA is fun...when it isn't happening to you.

7. Awesome music. It can change my mood instantly.

8. My in-laws. They are incredibly supportive and will be there for you anytime. There are no other people like them!

9. Make up, Saabs, and Johnny Depp.

10. My job. I seriously love my job. I know this is a once in a life time kind of gig and I am enjoying every single minute of it. Hands down the best job I have ever had- well except babysitting Todd and Elliott. That was way better- even with the endless hours of watching Godzilla!

11. Margaritas. I am not much of a drinker...but that drink really rocks!

12. Oreos! I love, love, LOVE Oreos!!

13. A good workout. One that leaves you feeling like you are stronger and healthier that when you started not just all noodly and exhausted!

14. Laying on a raft in a pool feeling the warm sun on your skin. HEAVEN!!

15. My health.

Hope you are thankful this season too!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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