Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Long Overdue Evening

Last night was a long and overdue evening!! We finally got the opportunity to go out with our good friends Eric and Karisa- without kids!! Crazy! :) I honestly can't remember the last time we went out with just them. Don't get me wrong- we see them- but its usually with the kids, or at some party like THIS ONE or THIS ONE or a husker party- something like that. But I honestly can't remember the last time we all went out to dinner and it was fabulous!! Its BLOGWORTHY!!

Eric and Karisa are framily. You know- friends that you make your family. I am going to take a quick step back and give you a little background- Eric and I have known each other since we were babies. Our parents are good friends, so we grew up together. Matt and Eric have been best friends since Kindergarten. So they grew up together as well. A lifetime ago Eric and I decided to get a place together. Wow- does that house have memories!! Anyway, Eric had Matt join us and that is how Matt and I got to know each other. So I have to give Eric the credit for bringing Matt and I together. Later, Matt and I got married and Eric and Karisa got married and we both built houses at the same time. But we weren't next door neighbors- that would be too weird. We put a house between us. :) So we lived one door up from them. It was great! Needless to say they both are near and dear to our hearts. Anyway the stars must have aligned or something and we went out to dinner at Hiro's last night. Hiro must mean heaven because holy cow that was good!!

I am still a sushi novice so Eric did the ordering. And I am still not sure if that was a mistake or not. Everything he ordered was so delicious....but the amount!....Take a look for yourself!

That is a wooden BOAT of sushi! It was the length of our table. It was filled full of delicious heaven!! I discovered that I actually do like raw sushi. But my mind still tells me that I don't. Weird inner struggle with that. As I am chewing I am thinking "wow this is really good." Then the next thought is "You are going to get deathly ill its RAW! Spit it out!! Spit it out!!" I tell the table this and Eric starts in on an explanation of why it won't make you sick and says the word parasite and I feel really ill. But that is what I LOVE about Eric. He is honest. If you want to know the truth about something you ask Eric. I learned quickly that if I don't really want to know- I don't ask Eric. For example if I were to ask him "Does this make me look fat" He would honestly say "Yes. You could stand to loose a few pounds." Not vicious- just honest. So I had to stop him at parasite because my inner struggle could be swayed. Bottom line I do and did like the raw ones.

I give Karisa credit for my new love of eel. Another food I didn't think I would like. Eels are really gross looking creatures! They are creepy and disgusting. But man do they taste good! Karisa married Eric so that is how she came into the framily.

Can you believe that we ate almost all that sushi? We all rolled ourselves out of the restaurant and headed over to their house to hang out just a little longer. Karisa and I sat out front chatting away. It was nice. The evening was perfect!! We really hope to do it again soon! With summer coming and the kids out of school, I hope we can get together more often to hang out!!

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