Friday, May 28, 2010

The Last Day of Preschool

Today was the boy's last day of preschool. And let me tell you- I am a ball of mixed emotions! On one hand, I am so happy that we made it this far. They have grown so much! Its been such a great and fun year!! But then on the other hand, my boys are growing up WAY TOO FAST! I want time to slow down. They are officially kindergartners now. When did this all happen? I have teared up today and also smiled a lot today. If I am this emotional now- I am scared what I am going to be like ON their first day of kindergarten!

The last day of school was a blast!! I have to tell you the Gingerbread Hose preschool is AWESOME! This year especially was so great!! I couldn't have asked for better teachers! The boys went on monthly field trips. They had themed lessons and learned so much!! There was an art show. It was a year packed with one fun activity after another!! So it is fitting that the last day they had a picnic. All four 5 day classes met at Zorinsky park for an afternoon of fun. A week or so before each class made their own hand print t-shirts. It was kind of cool to see a park filled with these shirts.

The kids ran and played. I have to say it was interesting because the boys didn't play with each other like they usually do. They each ran off and played with their own group of friends. They always fascinate me somehow.

There were water toys to play with. Should have brought beach towels. But the boys didn't seem to mind getting all wet.

One of Josh's friend brought his walk-e talk-es. They had fun playing that together.

The teachers even brought popsicles for everyone to eat. The weather was perfect!! Matt and I had a great time sitting in the shade, watching the boys play, and chatting. It was a perfect way to end a wonderful school year! Plus it really wore the boys out! :)

I will really miss the Gingerbread House! I will treasure the memories and hope that time SLOWS DOWN!!

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