Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Bunch of Randomness

So it seems that I have lots of random things to write about. You know...just stuff that is going on in our lives. And instead of making them into separate blogs I am just going to blog about all the random stuff going on in our lives lately.

Last weekend, Josh declared that he wanted his training wheels off too. Alex told him he would teach him how to ride his bike. What a nice brother!!

It was so sweet watching Alex try to teach him. But eventually it turned into Matt helping Josh.

And then that turned into tears and the training wheels went back on. Evidently Josh wasn't ready after all. Oh well. They will come off sooner or later right? No big deal.

Last weekend was also Mother's Day. It was a nice day. I got to do what I wanted....for the most part. I wanted donuts for breakfast but I decided to not do that as its against boot camp rules. And I am really trying to be good. So other than making that good food choice the day was great! I slept in. Spent time with my awesome kids. That's what the day is all about right?

We also had an open house that day. I was shocked that three people came to see the house. Better than none. Right? Since the tax credit incentive is over things are REALLY SLOW now. We went from 15 in a 0 this week. However I do have to admit that I am a little happy about that. I haven't cleaned all week and its been heavenly!! But now I am ready to go again- let's get this house sold!! Such a hard process!!

Mother's Day evening Ronna and Larry came over to have a mom's day BBQ. We grilled out hot dogs and spent time together. I think we played a lot of UNO and UNO attack.

It was a really nice way to end the day! Even if we had to take the van into the shop. The handle on the trunk broke. Can you believe that cost over $500 to fix?!?! Crazy. Still mad about the cost...but we need to get into the back of the van so what else can you do?

Let's see.....what else is going on? Saturday morning (yesterday) I went for a walk/run and took Alex along with me. He rode his bike and I ran/walked. He did great. I was a little worried about some of the hills. But when it got too steep for him he just jumped right off and walked the rest of the way up-no complaints. I will invite him along again! It was fun!! I LOVE spending one on one time with my boys. Its a rare thing for us and I cherish the times we do. I can't imagine doing that with Josh or Zach at this point.

Saturday Alex got a new bike. He outgrew the last one. So Matt took him out and picked out a bike that wasn't half broken and his size.

Yesterday I spent more than half the day sitting in our driveway so the boys could ride their bikes. I allow them to go across the street if I am out with them. They think that is SO COOL!! It was gorgeous out!! I really had no problem sitting out there. I just took my crochet stuff out with me and finished Allison and Wade's baby blanket!!

I feel I can post the finished blanket without ruining the surprise because I had already shown it to Wade and Allison while I was working on it. I like how it turned out- even if it looked NOTHING like the pattern. :)

Matt's birthday is on Tuesday so we decided to celebrate it Saturday night.

Why so early you ask? Well, Matt is starting the P90X program today (and boy is he hurting!! I will take boot camp over that torture any day!!) and wants to stick to it. Tuesday he doesn't want cake, ice cream, and dinner out. So we did that last night. Ronna and Larry joined us for PF Changs/Burger King take out. I will let you decided who chose Burger King and who chose PF Changs. Then we sang, ate cake and Matt opened presents. It was a great evening!

Yesterday (Sunday) Zach and I went to the movies. YEA more one on one time!! We wet to see How to Train Your Dragon. It was pretty cute. It was the best movie experience I have had with my kid yet. Usually Zach (and Josh) HATE movies. They complain constantly- its too loud, its too dark, its too long, etc. Remember THIS? So I went into this with the attitude that we may leave right after the previews. But none of that happened! He ate his popcorn and watched the movie. It was great!! Although the last half hour of the movie he kept asking me when it would be over. But this is a HUGE improvement from anything before!! YEA!!! In case you are wondering Matt, Alex and Josh went to see Iron Man. Zach and I didn't want to see that so we chose something else. :)

I think that covers all of our random events for now. :) Hope things are good for you too!!


  1. Yay! I LOVE how the blanket turned out :) Thanks so much Katrina!

  2. Tell Josh (and Zach) that I didn't learn how to ride a bike without training wheels till I was ELEVEN. And then I learned how in about 15 minutes flat. :-)

    The blanket turned out great! I really love those colors. I need to get cracking on my blanket, I'm not even halfway done and Bekah is due in a month.

    Happy birthday to Matt tomorrow! Since I'm sure I'll space it off tomorrow. :-)

    We loved How to Train Your Dragon! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it and Zach managed to sit still the whole movie. I got to the last part about the others going to see Iron Man though, and I was all, "What!? Why didn't you want to see Iron Man 2, it was awesome!" :-) But then, I'll see almost anything with Robert Downey, Jr., and enjoy it just because he's so good.